JCALLY JC20 Upgrade Cable for IEM With Mic

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Connector: MMCX
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JCALLY is a brand dedicated to providing audiophiles with affordable, high-quality upgrade cables for IEMs, portable DAC and amplifiers, audio adapters, and cables. Their products are designed to improve sound quality and enhance the listening experience without breaking the bank. With a focus on durability, performance, and aesthetics, JCALLY delivers exceptional value for music enthusiasts of all levels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
samir Paranjape (Pen)

Cable is thik and look strong ,
I connect shure s215e Bluetooth buds to it
When I tried , left earbuds not working, then try with Bluetooth original cable there also results same.
Surprising coincident because before that they are working fine with Bluetooth cable.
I purchased this cable to use with benefits of mic
But when connected with DAC, mic not working
For sound don't know yet
Since I have only one item with mmcx connector for trial and it's not working smoothly.

Chetan Khurana (Delhi)
Great cable. Could have been lighter!

Don't get me wrong. This is a great upgrade cable which I got for my awesome tennmak pro mmcx IEMs. The sound quality has taken a big leap actually and the mic is great for calls too. But the thickness and the heft is too much especially if you are using discrete and light IEMs liker me. It's like those dirt trucks and their giant wheels!

Frankly speaking I would have searched for a lighter version or make if I had known this earlier. But now that I have this, I shall just keep it for sitting and listening sessions.


Thanks for the feedback! We're sorry to hear that you didn't like the weight of the cable, but we're glad that the sound quality has improved!

S. (Ahmedabad)
Good quality (Slightly bulkier) upgrade cable over default IEM cable

I have been using this cable for more than a week at the time of writing this review. First of all, i would like to mention speedy shipment and delivery by audio store team. I ordered at the pick of diwali sale yet got it 2 days before actual delivery date. Coming to the Jcally JC20 cable, it is quite good at build quality overall. I have bought it for my Blon bl-03 and I am very satisfied with the output of the combination. The soundstage has become much wider and the sound feels more airy and natural with adequate bass presence. Overall it's a huge upgrade over the default blon bl-03 cable, in a way this upgrade cable is enabling the actual potential of Blon bl-03. The sound signature, instrument separation and audio imaging of Blon bl-03 is now much more improved due to better quality cable. The inbuilt mic is also good enough for phone calls and 3-button controls are quite handy. There is only one negative I came across and that is size of the cable. Firstly, I was a bit surprised by the size of the cable while unboxing. The 3.5 mm connector and thickness of the cable are some what quite bulkier than usual(check photo).The primary reason behind the bulkiness is the multiple cable cores which are effectively improving the sound quality. So for some people, it can be deal breaker. But for me I had no issues with the size as my priority was sound.

pawan singh (Delhi)
Great quality

Great quality product for such price.. i am using it with shure se215

Prateek (Delhi)
Cable Photos

Just posting photos for others help. I do not have a review as I gifted this cable to my friend.

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