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An IEM that feels like a blessing? That’s the Moondrop Blessing 3! This superb IEM comes with 2 dynamic drivers and 4 balanced armature drivers to deliver a powerful and accurate sound. The triple-range frequency division keeps all frequencies from bleeding into each other for the perfect audio experience.

A Blessing in Disguise
The H.O.D.D.D.U.S. (Horizontally Opposed Dual Dynamic Drivers Unit System) in the Moondrop Blessing 3 is designed with dual 10mm dynamic drivers arranged symmetrically using 3D-printed modular components. The components form a physical band-pass filter with two independent filtering structures and damping devices, which enhance the bass dynamics of this hybrid IEM.

A Dynamic Performance
The Moondrop Blessing 3 features a new horizontally-opposed double-dynamic bass driver that provides a lower nonlinear distortion and higher dynamic range. The hybrid frequency division implementation has been improved to ensure seamless transitions between the mid-highs and ultra-high frequencies. Together with the new bass module, these enhancements result in a full and natural sound quality.

Enjoy the Music
By using two 10mm dynamic drivers, the Blessing 3 achieves a maximum sound pressure level that is twice that of its predecessor, while the diaphragm stroke required to achieve that level is less than half, resulting in improved bass dynamics with lower distortion and greater dynamic range in the lower frequencies. This ensures that the Blessing 3 delivers a high-quality sound experience with powerful, precise bass.

3D - Dynamic, Dashing, Dazzling
The Blessing 3 sports a 3D-printed frequency division framework and high-precision acoustic filtering nozzle structure that is the result of a long-term strategic relationship with HeyGears. This innovative approach allows the physical frequency division framework to be optimised for maximum performance, offering twice the accuracy and parameters of the Blessing 2 for even better acoustic performance.

Tested to Be the Best
The Blessing 3's classic hybrid triple-frequency division is the result of Moondrop's exceptional acoustic expertise and rigorous testing in their measurement laboratory, providing high full-band phase consistency. The innovative acoustic design and expert tuning deliver an authentic, open and textured sound, building upon the proven excellence of previous Blessing IEMs. It's undergone careful tuning to ensure a precise amplitude-frequency VDSF Target Response, resulting in an even more pleasing and accurate sound quality.

Stunning & Durable
The Blessing 3 boasts a visually stunning faceplate design that incorporates precision CNC machining and hand-polishing techniques to create an aesthetically pleasing angular design with an interplay of light and shadow. The 0.78mm 2-pin detachable cable allows for easy replacement with a wide range of cables.

Model: Blessing3 Hybrid In-ear Monitor
Impedance: 14.8Ω±15%(@1kHz)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-30kHz
Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz(IEC60318-4, -3dB)
Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms(@1kHz)
THD: THD@1kHz≤0.5%
Driver: Two Dynamic Drivers + Four Balanced Armatures
Jack: 3.5mm Single-ended Jack
Housing processing: 3D Printing of Imported Medical Resin
Headphone Jack: 0.78-2pin
Warranty Period: 1 Year

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

MOONDROP is a China-based audiophile products developer that has gained immense popularity for its range of high-quality audio products. The brand offers a wide range of products such as in-ear monitors, earphones, headphones, portable DACs, upgrade cables for IEMs, and eartips. MOONDROP products are known for their exceptional sound quality and excellent build quality, making them an ideal choice for audiophiles who demand the best from their audio gear. Whether you are a casual listener or a seasoned audiophile, MOONDROP has something for everyone.

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