OE Audio 2DualCPS Silver IEM Upgrade Cable

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Connector: 0.78mm 2Pin
Plug: 3.5mm
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Enhanced Cable Structure: Shielded, Oxidation-Resistant, and Luxuriously Soft

The 2DualCPS cable is ingeniously named for its dual-twisted, Teflon-coated conductors, encased in a medical-grade TPU sheath. This intricate design offers a triple advantage: firstly, shielding against both internal and external electrical interference; secondly, preventing oxidation of conductors; and thirdly, providing a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and soft user experience.

Concentric Stranded Conductors: Precision in Signal Transmission

Crafted with concentric stranded conductors, the cable's central core wire is enveloped by helically laid wires, ensuring a regular pattern that eliminates signal loss. Coated with Teflon, these conductors undergo a swift manufacturing process, limiting oxidation to less than 4 days.

C - Concentric-Lay Structure: Stability in Signal Transmission

The Concentric-Lay Structure is employed to counteract the negative magnetic effects. In contrast to irregular patterns found in ordinary structures, the Concentric-Lay conductors have a circular cross-section, distributing signals evenly. This design ensures stability in high-frequency response, even under external forces like bending, as the internal structure remains organized.

P - Purified Process: Purity Throughout the Manufacturing Process

Impurities are systematically removed through a meticulous purifying process integrated into every stage of manufacturing, ensuring the 2DualCPS maintains exceptional purity. The wire drawing process occurs in a protective liquid to prevent oxidation.

S - Silver: Achieving Balanced Sound

Utilizing the OCC method, with impurities less than 10PPM, the 2DualCPS incorporates silver for optimal electrical conductivity. Thanks to a smooth surface achieved through natural diamond-made peel holes, the sound produced is balanced, eliminating the traditionally associated excessive highs.

Unrivaled Sound Quality in Three Aspects

Clear - Supreme Sound Resolution: The 2DualCPS offers unparalleled clarity, projecting even the smallest musical details, setting a new standard for sonic precision.

Sound Stage - Expansive and Interference-Free: The cable's unique structure creates a vast sound stage with a clear background, minimizing interference between vocals and instruments.

Steady - Powerful and Balanced Bass: Recognizing bass as the foundation of sound, the 2DualCPS ensures a steady and lively bass response, complementing a diverse selection of connectors.

Connectors: Craftsmanship at Its Best

The connectors, sourced from the OEAudio supply chain, boast 3U Gold Plating for superior conductivity. Using double injection molding technology, these connectors surpass hand-soldered alternatives in quality. The earhook-free design, paired with a soft plastic slider, allows versatile connections to various earphones.

Customized Oyaide Solder: Enhancing Detail in Sound Performance

Employing customized Oyaide solder with 4.7% silver content, the 2DualCPS undergoes low-temperature soldering for precise sound performance down to the minutest detail.

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