OE Audio 2DualOFC In-Ear Monitors Cable

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OE Audio

Connector: 0.78mm 2Pin
Plug: 3.5mm
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Introducing OE Audio 2DualOFC In-Ear Monitors Cable: Elevate Your Sonic Experience

Unmatched Sound Precision: Immerse yourself in an unparalleled audio experience with the OE Audio 2DualOFC In-Ear Monitors Cable. Designed for audio enthusiasts, this cable is meticulously crafted to deliver original sound, enhanced high-frequency transparency, intricate details, and flexible bass performance—all at an exceptionally cost-efficient price.

Technical Specifications: Length: 1.2m/4ft Material: ≤8PPM Purity Nexans® Oxygen Free Copper Cords: 4 Cords (2 Cores x 2 Cords) Inner Cords: 0.08x19x2 Insulation: Teflon Coating: TPU

Craftsmanship Beyond Standards:

  • 101.3% of the IACS Standard
  • Japan-Made Natural Diamond Dies
  • Raw Copper Stick Peeling
  • Intermediate Annealing
  • Nexans, Made in Germany
  • High-Purity OFC Material with ≤8PPM Oxygen

Advanced Features:

  • Teflon Insulated Inner Cords
  • Super Low Dielectric Constant
  • Medical Grade TPU Coating
  • Ultra Soft & Skin Contact Friendliness

The Pursuit of Sonic Perfection: Achieving optimal sound performance requires attention to both raw material quality and manufacturing processes. After extensive research, Nexans, a renowned material provider, was chosen. A custom diamond die ensures a smooth cable surface, eliminating loss in high-frequency signals.

The Teflon-insulated inner cords, with a low dielectric constant, minimize capacity between cables, resulting in a clear and transparent sound profile. The OE Audio 2DualOFC cable prioritizes authenticity, heightened high-frequency transparency, intricate details, and flexible bass.

Exceptional Design for Unmatched Comfort:

  • No-Earhook Design: Achieved through the ultra-softness of the cable.
  • Auricle-Fitting: Comfortable with skin-contact friendliness.
  • Ultra-Soft & Smooth Coating: Without ties for a seamless experience.
  • Thick Gold-Plated Connectors: Augmented bass performance for an immersive sound experience.

Immerse Yourself in Pure Sound: The OE Audio 2DualOFC In-Ear Monitors Cable offers a sonic journey like no other, providing a perfect blend of craftsmanship, advanced technology, and comfort—all at an irresistible price point.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nickipedia (Mumbai)
Excellent cable , must try , punches way above it's price in SQ & Quality

This cable by OE is a eye opener for audiophiles who feel chunky cables sound better, thin but strong 💪 built quality with best quality of copper & connectors , sounds really great , I have some 3/4 mmcx cables of different brands but none had a good fit with my JVC woodie iem so I got this one to try , this balanced cable is of quality above excellence it had great compability with my iem perfect mmcx fit with secure click sound , light weight & no memory.
I really loved this cable & will get another set for my etymotic iems too..

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed and positive review of our OE Audio 2DualOFC In-Ear Monitors Cable! We're thrilled to hear that you've had a great experience with our product and that it has exceeded your expectations in terms of sound quality and build. Happy listening!

Arun Gopal (Bengaluru)
OE 2 Dual OFC IEM Cable

This purchase was made specifically for use with my Sennheiser IE 600 IEM as I had issues with the stock cable. This has a MMCX connection with a 3.5 mm termination. The chain mostly used is Spotify mobile to Chord Mojo 2 to the IEMs. I have also connected this chain to my computer which has higher quality files (FLACs and WAV). I have been using these two chains for about 1-2 hours daily for a week now at around 30 - 40% of the volume level of Mojo 2 and with no equalization. The music that I listen to is mostly midrange focused (Vocal and acoustic base) This cable is thinner and lighter than the stock cable and infact than most of other cables that is available these days. But it immediately solved the issues that I had with the Sennheiser stock cables (the stock cable connection was not stable and the sound will crackle or disconnect when I moved around even a little). The sound is noticeably bigger than the stock cable. The LR sound stage now extends to the end of my ear whereas it used to be more intimate before. The treble edge that was there to the IEMs before is smoothed and is slightly less sparkly than before. The mids are just beautiful. Vocals and acoustic instruments sound larger and natural. The bass is slightly more looser than the stock. In all, the sound signature is noticeably larger and smoother than with the stock cable with a very slight loss in the tightness in sub bass to my ears. Another thing that I noticed that is that the source also plays a role. There is a very slight metallic sheen to the music played from Spotify which is not there with higher quality files. Using this cable has been an absolute pleasure till date. You just forget that there is a cable there. As it has no ear holder, it just falls behind your ears and since it is so light, you just don't feel it being there after one or two minutes. I can't comment on the durability of the cable since it has been only a week now. One more thing of note, it was a pleasure dealing with Pritam and the shipping was fast.

Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed and thorough review of the OE Audio 2DualOFC In-Ear Monitors Cable. We are delighted to hear that the cable has met your expectations and has improved your listening experience with your Sennheiser IE 600 IEM.

We are glad that the cable has solved the issues you were experiencing with the stock cable and has provided a larger and smoother sound signature. We appreciate your feedback on the slight loss of tightness in the sub bass and the difference in sound quality between Spotify and higher quality files.

We are happy to hear that the cable is comfortable to wear and that you have had a pleasant experience dealing with our customer representative, Pritam. We hope that the cable continues to bring you joy and we are confident in its durability.

Thank you again for choosing The Audio Store and we appreciate your support. Happy listening!

Joel Johny (Delhi)
Thin, lightweight

The cable is thin and light weight and feels really premium.

But there is no chin slider and feels a little fragile. May not be suitable for heavier IEMs.

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We're glad to hear that the cable is thin and lightweight, and that it feels premium. We also appreciate the feedback about the lack of a chin slider, which may not be ideal for heavier IEMs.

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