Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Headphones

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Unrivaled Sonic Precision - Sennheiser HD 600 Open-Back Headphones

Precision Craftsmanship, Sonic Purity The Sennheiser HD 600 stands as the epitome of audio excellence, a testament to Sennheiser's unyielding commitment to sonic perfection. Recognized globally as the benchmark for high-fidelity listening, this masterpiece has maintained its position for over two decades.

Unveiling the Invisible: HD 600's Sonic Spectrum Developed as the audiophile's X-ray specs, the HD 600 unravels the intricacies of your audio chain. Engineered to seamlessly disappear when the play button is pressed, it sets the standard for both analytical scrutiny and immersive enjoyment. This magic is achieved through a revolutionary approach to sound reproduction, where transparency reigns supreme. Sennheiser's cutting-edge production techniques and computer-optimized transducers unite art and science, delivering an unparalleled audio experience.

A Gateway to Sonic Transparency At the heart of the HD 600 lies an acoustically transparent open-back earcup, an innovation by Sennheiser that allows every sound wave to roam freely. The exclusive 42mm driver, ensconced in acoustic silk, ensures distortion-free sound, while ultralight aluminum voice coils provide rapid response. With a 38mm diaphragm, this dynamic duo crafts a detailed, authentic sonic panorama across the audible spectrum, unleashing nuances like never before.

Craftsmanship and Comfort Unleashed Designed for discerning audiophiles, the HD 600 is more than a listening device; it's an experience. The velour padding invites extended listening sessions, while the precision-crafted earcup grille guarantees an unblemished personal audio journey. Assembled in a state-of-the-art facility in Ireland, every HD 600 undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring a consistent global standard. Most components are modular, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance, making it the enduring reference headphone for any acoustic environment.

Seamless Connectivity, Endless Listening Possibilities Your HD 600 arrives with a detachable, impedance-matched cable boasting ultra-low capacitance. The ¼-inch / 6.3mm stereo connector adheres to audiophile standards, accommodating various devices such as headphone amplifiers, A/V receivers, digital audio players, and analog gear. With a generous 9.8 feet / 3m length, it grants flexibility in placement. A premium adapter, reducing from 6.3mm to 3.5mm / ⅛-inch, expands compatibility to a myriad of audio devices.

Frequency response (speaker): 12 Hz - 40,500 Hz

Sound pressure level (SPL): 97 dB (1 V)

Impedance: 300 Ω

Total harmonic distortion (THD): < 0,1 % (1 kHz, 1 V)

Cable length: 3 m

Adapter: 3.5 mm stereo jack plug

Transducer principle: dynamic, open

Weight: 260 g
Connector: 3.5 mm stereo jack plug

Ear coupling: circumaural

Magnetic field: 1.8 mT

Warranty Period: 2 Year

In The Box
1U Sennheiser HD 650 Stereo Reference Headphones
1U Detachable Cable
1U Stereo 1/4" to 3.5mm Adapter

Warranty Period: 2 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Contact No: 1800 22 36 32
Email Id:

Sennheiser is a well-known brand in the audio industry. They offer a wide range of products catering to both audiophiles and casual listeners. Their products include open back and closed back audiophile headphones, in-ear monitors, ANC headphones, and true wireless earbuds. They are known for their exceptional sound quality and durability. Whether you're a professional musician or just a music enthusiast, Sennheiser has something for everyone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anonymous (Bengaluru)
Worth the price

Comfort and sound are both of top quality. Packaging by company can be Improved for this product.

Hi there! Thank you for your review of our Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Headphones. We're thrilled to hear that you find both the comfort and sound quality to be top notch. We appreciate your feedback on the packaging and will definitely take it into consideration for future improvements. Thank you for choosing The Audio Store and happy listening!

Rathish . (Bengaluru)
HD600 : met my expectations

The order and delivery was very smooth . the product was shipped on the same day and i received it the next day in bangalore !
the product was decently packed with bubble wrap . but a cardboard outer box would make it more safe as my package was slightly crushed in one side ,
Luckily the headphone were undamaged !
i am driving it with the Fiio KA3 and i am having a really good experience .
at 19.9k , its a very good headphones . soothing and unfatiguing vocals with very good detail and clarity and comfort , its worth it for me

Thank you for the feedback! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying your new Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Headphones. We're happy to hear that they're providing a good listening experience and meet your expectations.

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