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Introducing Softears Twilight IEM - Unrivaled Sound with a Twist

Discover the innovative Softears Twilight IEM, boasting a distinctive twisted ear shell design and a powerful 10mm dynamic driver with PU suspension+DLC diamond-like Dome diaphragm. This unique pair, echoing the flagship Turii, features precisely crafted aluminum alloy shells for a premium feel, weighing just 6 grams each. "Twist Your Ears Twice" with this second-generation design marvel.

Crafted Elegance - Aluminum Alloy Shells

The Softears Twilight sets a new standard with its uniquely twisted-shaped ear shells, meticulously crafted from high-purity aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Utilizing a high-precision CNC carving method, these shells boast a smooth and premium finish. Weighing only 6 grams per shell, experience lightweight comfort without compromising on durability. Elevate your audio journey with the epitome of elegance.

Sonic Mastery - Dynamic Driver Excellence

Immerse yourself in premium sound with Softears Twilight's 10mm dynamic driver, featuring a PU Suspension and DLC Diamond-like Dome composite diaphragm coil. A 0.035mm Daikoku voice coil ensures unparalleled performance. Each pair undergoes individual production and pairing, guaranteeing a sonic experience that transcends expectations. Elevate your auditory senses with the pinnacle of dynamic driver technology.

Precision Perfected - Patented Coupling Technology

Softears introduces patented front and rear cavity coupling technology, a legacy inherited from the flagship Turii IEMs. Through continuous testing, the rear cavity volume is precisely matched to the unit. Viscoelastic damping material and diffuser patches suppress cavity resonance, delivering a clean and precise performance. Experience audio precision with Softears Twilight's revolutionary coupling technology.

Stand Out - Unique Charm of Softears Twilight

Elevate your style and audio experience with Softears Twilight. Its premium finish, distinctive shape, and professional tuning culminate in an unparalleled auditory and visual journey. Stand out from the crowd and immerse yourself in a unique and captivating experience with the all-new Softears Twilight.

Sensitivity:123dB/Vrms @ 1kHz
Effective frequency response:20-20kHz(IEC60318-4)
Frequency range:8-40kHz(1/4’ free field,-3dB)
Housing:5-axis finely engraved anodized aluminum alloy
Driver size:10mm
Diaphragm:PU suspension+DLC diamond-like dome

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:
Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

Welcome to SoftEars, a dynamic brand born from the passion and expertise of a young yet seasoned team. Our founder embarked on the audio journey in 2014, laying the foundation for SoftEars in 2017 in Shenzhen, China's Silicon Valley. In 2019, we expanded with an independent R&D lab and our own factory in Chengdu, a city known for its humanistic touch.

At SoftEars, we strive to deliver a listening experience that is soft, comfortable, balanced, and durable. Specializing in the research and development of loudspeakers and tuning equipment, we boast an exceptional manufacturing process and rigorous quality control. Our commitment to excellence defines the essence of the SoftEars brand, ensuring you enjoy the pinnacle of audio satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Anirban Saha Choudhury (Kolkata)
Combination of clarity and dynamics

I have been using this iem from last 2-3 months. First time I saw this iem from z reviews and after that my craving started.
The first trial was not good because it sounded muddy and suprresd but after 3 days continuous listening I found the real happiness.
This iem really maintains almost all aspects...good sub bass , nice mids and cleaner trable. Good dynamics and separation.
This iem is best in it's price segment and I have never regreted .
Keep in mind that the stock cable is good but with a good silver cable it shines.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for the SOFTEARS Twilight IEM. We are glad to hear that you have found a combination of clarity and dynamics in this product. We understand your initial disappointment, but we are happy that after continuous listening, you have found the real happiness in this iem. We take pride in maintaining good sub bass, nice mids, and cleaner treble for our customers. We appreciate your feedback and we always strive to provide the best in our price segment. Thank you for mentioning the importance of using a good silver cable, it definitely enhances the experience. We hope you continue to enjoy your SOFTEARS Twilight IEM.

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