SOFTEARS Twilight In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Exploration of Sound Elegance


SOFTEARS, a well-known name in the Chi-Fi community, has a reputation for delivering impressive sounding IEMs. In this review, we delve into the SOFTEARS Twilight in-ear monitors, equipped with a 10mm single dynamic driver featuring a PU suspension and a DLC diamond-like dome diaphragm. The Twilight's unique shell design adds a touch of distinctiveness to the overall package.

Design and Build Quality

Crafted from high-quality lightweight aluminum alloy, the SOFTEARS Twilight IEMs exude a premium feel and boast solid construction. The faceplate, adorned only with the SOFTEARS branding, offers a simple and sleek appearance. The shell design, reminiscent of a playing card's deck with a twist, combines modern aesthetics with a touch of tradition. The circular inner shell with air vents reflects SOFTEARS' blend of modernity and tradition.

The included stock cable, featuring a 4.4mm balanced audio termination, is robust and well-built. The leather circle carry case, reminiscent of 64 Audio IEM cases, adds a practical and protective element to the package.

SOFTEARS Twilight In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Exploration of Sound Elegance

Comfort and Fit

Despite the unconventional shape of the SOFTEARS Twilight IEMs, they fit comfortably in the ears, providing adequate sound isolation. Extended listening sessions revealed no signs of fatigue or discomfort. In the absence of provided eartips, I used my SpinFit W1 eartips, which complemented the overall comfort.

SOFTEARS Twilight In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Exploration of Sound Elegance

Sound Quality-

In my exploration of the SOFTEARS Twilight, I predominantly utilized my Sony NW-ZX707 digital Walkman player, paired with the stock 4.4mm balanced cable and SpinFit W1 Eartips. The SOFTEARS Twilight manifests as a warm and naturally resonant in-ear monitor (IEM). Its sonic attributes can be characterized as balanced, well-controlled, boasting a wide soundstage, and delivering an immersive, smooth auditory experience that seamlessly adapts to various music genres.

Bass - The SOFTEARS Twilight exhibits an impressive sub-bass rumble and punch. At no point did I perceive it as an IEM with bloated bass. The tuning consistently maintains a controlled balance of bass energy across all frequencies. This results in a punchy, rumbling, yet finely controlled bass that facilitates prolonged listening sessions without inducing fatigue, providing a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The bass of the SOFTEARS Twilight is endowed with detailed articulation, notable speed, and a satisfying thickness.

Midrange - The midrange performance of the SOFTEARS Twilight stands out as exceptional. Vocals are finely tuned, striking a perfect balance in terms of proximity – neither too distant nor uncomfortably close. The presentation encompasses ideal intimacy, weight, and warmth. Whether it's male or female vocals, the SOFTEARS Twilight maintains a harmonious equilibrium, steering clear of any harsh or sharp tonalities. The midrange is characterized by an impressive level of detail and texture, leaving an overall impression of excellence.

Treble - The treble performance of the SOFTEARS Twilight is notably secure. It avoids excessive sparkle or overt energy, sustaining a smooth and easy-listening quality throughout the entire treble spectrum. Ample airiness and detailed precision characterize the treble, showcasing excellent control. I have not encountered any instances of sibilance or harshness in the treble performance of the SOFTEARS Twilight, attesting to the team's commendable achievement in achieving a well-balanced treble tuning.

Soundstage & Imaging- The SOFTEARS Twilight projects a wide and expansive soundstage, creating an open auditory space. Its imaging capabilities demonstrate remarkable accuracy and precision, further enhancing the overall listening experience.

SOFTEARS Twilight In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Exploration of Sound Elegance

Value and Competition-

In the Indian market, the SOFTEARS Twilight is currently priced at Rs. 72,990, positioning it against the Sennheiser IE 900, available at a similar price point. Having experienced both these popular in-ear monitors (IEMs) side by side, let's delve into our comparative analysis below.

SOFTEARS Twilight vs. Sennheiser IE 900:

As a long-time enthusiast of the IE 900, I approached the comparison with keen anticipation. It's noteworthy that the SOFTEARS Twilight stands as a formidable and equally impressive IEM.

The SOFTEARS Twilight leans towards a warm sound signature, while the IE 900 tends to be slightly brighter. In the bass domain, the IE 900 offers a more substantial bass quantity compared to the SOFTEARS Twilight. However, the Midrange is where the SOFTEARS Twilight shines, delivering warm, detailed, and thick vocals. In contrast, the IE 900 exhibits slightly thinner and more recessed vocals. Moving to the treble, the IE 900 presents a brighter, more energetic, and spicier performance, yet it falls short in providing the smooth and effortless listening experience delivered by the SOFTEARS Twilight. Soundstage-wise, both IEMs share a similar expansive presentation.

For those seeking a smooth, enjoyable, and secure auditory experience, I highly recommend the SOFTEARS Twilight. On the other hand, if your preferences lean towards more bass heft and extended treble, the Sennheiser IE 900 might be the preferable choice. This choice ultimately depends on your individual sound signature preferences and listening priorities.

VI. Pros and Cons

 Pros Cons
Warm and musical tuning Isolation is poor
Outstanding midrange
Smooth and detailed treble
Rumbling bass
Wide and open soundstage
Comfortable for extended listening sessions


SOFTEARS Twilight In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Exploration of Sound Elegance


In a landscape where many brands experiment with multiple driver in-ear monitors (IEMs) in pursuit of sonic excellence, SOFTEARS stands out by crafting a remarkable single dynamic driver (DD) IEM. This highlights the notion that the pursuit of ultimate sound isn't solely reliant on elaborate driver configurations. With utmost confidence, I affirm that the SOFTEARS Twilight stands as the best-sounding all-rounder among in-ear monitors.

For audiophiles and collectors alike, the SOFTEARS Twilight deserves a place in their collection. It epitomizes warmth, realism, and sonic coherence that elevates the listening experience to new heights.

I wholeheartedly recommend the SOFTEARS Twilight to audiophiles on the quest for the finest single DD IEM within a budget of Rs.100K. Owning the SOFTEARS Twilight IEM is not just a recommendation but a sonic indulgence that promises an unparalleled auditory journey.

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