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TSMR X 10th Anniversary IEM: A Decade of Innovation in Sound

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

Marking the 10th anniversary of Tansio Mirai, the TSMR X 10th Anniversary Limited Edition IEM represents the pinnacle of our technical achievements. This in-ear monitor (IEM) embodies a decade's worth of refinement and innovation, bringing forth a new era of audio excellence.

Advanced Tuning for Superior Sound

The "X" model showcases our advanced understanding of sound, achieved through countless iterations and fine-tuning. The custom film retarding driver provides a more relaxed and natural listening experience by expanding the sound field and enhancing bass flexibility.

Innovative Driver Configuration

Featuring a hollow coaxial structure dual dynamic driver, the rear driver creates a push-pull force on the front driver, resulting in improved energy and richer sound layers. This configuration significantly enhances both the quality and quantity of low frequencies.

Enhanced Audio Clarity and Precision

Utilizing efficient filtering technology, the TSMR X ensures cleaner background sounds, clear mid-frequency vocals, and a smooth, non-irritating high frequency. The spatial stratification and positioning are meticulously designed to deliver an immersive listening experience.

Comprehensive Driver Setup

Each earphone houses 7 drivers, making a total of 14 drivers for both sides:

  • Low Frequency: 2 x 8mm strong magnet dynamic drivers with hollow coaxial structure and carbon mixed diaphragm
  • Mid Frequency: 2 x Knowles balanced armature drivers
  • High Frequency: 2 x Sonion balanced armature drivers
  • Full Frequency Effect: 1 x custom film retarding driver (detachable design, frequent disassembly not recommended)

Customizable Low-Frequency Control

The TSMR X features a unique low-frequency control switch setting, allowing users to tailor the bass response:

  • Standard Tuning (020 Mode): Recommended as a reference mode
  • Bass Enhancement (100 Mode): Control factor 0.51
  • Low-Frequency Attenuation (003 Mode): Control factor 1.47

Note: The higher the control factor, the lower the low-frequency energy. All switches off result in NO BASS mode. Switch settings: 0 (closed downward), 1/2/3 (opened upward).

Model: X

Driver: 2 x dynamic + 4 x balanced armature + 1 x custom film retarding driver
Material: 3D printing high-quality resin shells.

Frequency response: 5-30kHz

Impedance: 10Ω

Sensitivity: 103dB

Connector:2pin 0.78mm

Cable Length:1.2m

Plug: 4.4mm

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: https://www.theaudiostore.in/pages/warranty-claim-form

TANSIO MIRAI (TSMR) draws inspiration from the Tang and Song dynasties, symbolizing a vision for enduring prosperity. Established in 2016, the company, with a team from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, launched high-quality custom and universal earphones in 2018. Committed to innovation and excellence, TANSIO MIRAI continually enhances its products, aiming to define its unique brand identity.

Customer Reviews

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N.P. (Nagpur)

What an entry into the IEM market. I don't think I would be exaggerating if I say that here we have a piece that is going to be compared to IEMs well beyond its price point.

Before I begin with a review though, some things to know where I come from:
Sennheiser HD598s, Moondrop Blessing 2, & Thieaudio Monarch MK3 have been my listening buddies in the last ten years; the Monarch being the latest. To pair with them I've used the Jcally AP98 DAC/Amp & Sony NX707 walkman.
I can listen to any kind of music as long as I like it, but my library mostly consists of instrumentals, which I listen to through Apple Music.

What brought on the need to shop for an IEM? Primarily because I wanted to listen to my songs through a different tuning. My Blessing 2 ran out of commission a while back, and I wanted a bit of change from the MK3s. Funnily enough, I ended up picking something thats actually not too different signature wise from the MK3, but after listening to them once, there was no way I couldn't pick them up.

So lets get into the meat of the matter: the sound.
Tansio Mirai X comes with a U shaped default tuning, but you can change this with the three tuning switches provided, which affect the low, mid, and high frequency bands.
The Audio Store was amazing as usual, and provided me with a plethora of options to test which included - ISN Neo 3, ISN Neo 5, Penon Dome, Penon Quattro, Penon Turbo, & Symphonium Meteor, all of which range from a level lower priced to a level higher priced than TSMR X. I might add my comparisons to all these pieces (and my own MK3s) wherever it feels pertinent.

The bass:
This has some of the most gorgeously tuned bass I've heard in a long time. For some people, it just might be on the limit of bassy side (I am myself not a basshead and in some songs it does feel borderline to me), but the quality will more than make up for it. Some of the drums, lower tone strings, and tabla (especially the strokes of the dagga) I've heard through this have left me amazed. Only the Penon Quattro with its 4 DDs could maybe offer more detail, but there is another reason why TSMR X will still feel like it has better bass (which I'll mention later).
Playing with the tuning switches over here and using the 100 mode will get you more bass, but doesn't affect the quality. Go for this if you are a basshead. If you think the bass is too much, go for 003 mode. I'm using the default 020.

The mids:
Compared to the bass, the mids are not as forward even in the 020 mode which is the balanced tuning. Especially with vocals, you might feel that they are slightly being pushed back, but in my opinion, this is because the instrument presentation feels much more forward. The strings here are very nicely heard, and although it might feel like it could have had better resolution, overall you will not be disappointed. Out of the pieces I had a chance to listen to, these were still close to the best, with the cheaper ISN Neo 5 also being surprisingly quite good for mids, the Penon Turbo doing well, and the Symphonium Meteor being the clear winner here.

The treble:
You will find this to be fun. There is enough detail here to put them above many IEMs in and around this price range. Instruments like cymbals, maracas, tambourines, and chimes can be perfectly heard, and the sound in general is not overly sharp. Of all the IEMs I tested, I would safely put these the best for treble (although I will mention that Penon Quattro sound very interesting here as well).

The mindblowing:
Up till now, you might not have understood why I've been so overboard with positivity about these IEMs. So the bass and treble is good, but the mids are only decent. Why would that alone make them phenomenal? The Xenns Mangird Top would probably be equally good (or even better) sound quality wise. That my dear friends, is because this IEM brings something into the equation that I've not expected any IEM to bring. Soundstage.

The soundstage:
Till now, I've never really rated IEMs on this. After listening to open cans like HD598s (and some very good ones like HD600, HD650, Sundara, Ananda courtesy TAS), I know that I can't expect IEMs to deliver that effect to me. But boy does this come close. I've never expected to hear acoustic reverberations in an IEM. Maybe it is the custom film retarding driver with the detachable design that does this, I'm not sure. It gives you the most rich acoustic feeling you will have ever heard even among IEMs way beyond this price. My Monarch MK3 which is nearly 3 times costlier cannot do some of the things that TSMR X does! It was especially so good for my playlist, which I mentioned earlier is mostly instrumental. Some of the guitar notes, the tabla, the cymbals I hear on this are just out of the world.

And this last bit is what makes the TSMR X punch way, way above its price point and make it worth getting IMO.

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed and positive review of our TSMR X 10th Anniversary IEM. We are thrilled to hear that it has exceeded your expectations and that you consider it to be on par with higher priced IEMs. We are also glad to know that our tuning switches have allowed you to customize your listening experience. Your comparisons to other products are greatly appreciated and we are happy to know that our bass quality has impressed you. Thank you again for choosing Tansio Mirai, The Audio Store and we hope you continue to enjoy our product.

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