ZiiGaat Cinno IEM

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ZiiGaat Cinno IEM: Unleashing Sonic Brilliance

ZiiGaat Cinno IEM

Hybrid Harmony for Audiophiles

Indulge in the immersive world of audio perfection with the ZiiGaat Cinno, a masterpiece in hybrid in-ear monitors. This audiophile's dream boasts a dynamic 10mm Liquid Crystal Polymer driver for commanding bass and four precision-balanced armature drivers. Meticulously tuned for a balanced tonal signature, its ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended listening sessions.

Hybrid Driver Configuration: A Symphony of Sound

Dive into a sonic symphony crafted by the Cinno's unique hybrid driver configuration. A robust 10mm Liquid Crystal Polymer dynamic driver delivers thunderous bass, while four balanced armature drivers ensure optimal audio quality. This meticulous combination minimizes harmonic distortions across the entire frequency range, creating an unparalleled auditory experience.

Intricate Tonal Balance: Precision Engineering Unleashed

The ZiiGaat team's dedication to perfection shines through in the Cinno's tonal balance. Employing passive crossover networks, each driver harmonizes seamlessly. Sub-bass and lows stay powerful within their ranges, preventing sound muddiness. The mids exude a gentle warmth, maintaining neutrality. Treble is finely tuned to match the ear's response, delivering accuracy without fatigue. The Cinno is your gateway to a balanced, detailed, and fatigue-free audio experience, ideal for audiophiles and professionals alike.

Tiny Ergonomic Shape: Sound Meets Comfort

In the pursuit of auditory excellence, ZiiGaat crafted the Cinno with your comfort in mind. Its compact housing, relative to its powerful drivers, ensures a secure, lightweight fit in your ear canal. Perfect for on-stage performances, commutes, or leisurely listening, the Cinno brings unparalleled comfort to every use case.

ZiiGaat Cinno IEM

About ZiiGaat: Elevating Audio Innovation

ZiiGaat, a name synonymous with innovation, has silently shaped the audio industry for over a decade. Born from a passion for technology and sound, we break free from constraints to share our creations with the world. More than an audio brand, we are a tech team dedicated to collaborating with the audio community. Join us in rediscovering the magic of music through our commitment to constant innovation. 

THD: < 0.5%(at 1KHz)

Drivers: 10mm LCP Dynamic Driver +Treble Balanced Armature x2+Mid-High Balanced Armature x2

Rated Power: 5mW

Freq Response: 20HZ-20000HZ

Impedance: 32 ohms

Max Power: 10mW

Cable Interface: 3.5mm

Sensitivity: 107dB(at 1KHz/mW)

Plug Type: Detachable 0.78mm 2Pin

Mic: No

Warranty Period: 1 year

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: https://www.theaudiostore.in/pages/warranty-claim-form Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

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