The Frontier of Technology: Everything You Need to Know About FiR Audio Tech

With great IEMs also comes great technology… well most of the time. And, no in this article we’re not talking about Bluetooth or headphones that let you tune in to the latest gossip in town. We’re talking about cutting-edge acoustic technologies that enhance sound quality and listening comfort. We’re talking about the latest tech that the FiR Audio Frontier Series IEMs are equipped with.

Audiophiles, are you excited to know more? Read on!

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FiR Audio & the Frontier Series

Founded in 2018 in the cosy city of Vancouver, USA. FiR Audio has taken the audio world by storm. Every IEM from the brand utilises the experience of brothers, Bogdan and Alex Belonozhko and their friend Daniel Lifflander. 

And, it’s not just any experience. Together, all three have a combined experience spanning 20+ years in designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced in-ear monitors at 64 Audio. 

This knowledge can even be seen in the Frontier Series - a range that’s designed to offer outstanding sound while being durable and easy to service.

The brand even boasts of some of the world’s top musicians as their clients, like Kanye West, John Mayer, Luke Combs, Blanco Brown and more.

Kinetic Bass 

If a rich bass is what you love, Kinetic Bass delivers just that. Traditional IEMs tend to playback only half the sound and lack depth due to their ‘closed’ nature. Kinetic Bass uses a hybrid conduction system for a natural and open experience using two conduction modes:

  • Air Conduction: This is the sound you hear with your eardrums.
  • Bone Conduction: This is the sound that reaches your inner ear (cochlea) through the bones in your head.

KINETIC BASS driver Air conduction

To complement these, the 10mm dynamic driver is open and ported to directly face the exterior of the IEM’s housing. This ensures that lower frequencies are transmitted directly into the ear cartilage and surrounding area. These frequencies are also converted to kinetic energy and reach the inner ear via bone conduction.


Bottom Line: You enjoy immersive sound, rich bass and off-the-charts low-frequency extension.

ATOM Venting

ATOM Venting

ATOM (or the Air Transferring Open Module) Venting offers three-fold benefits:

  • It protects your ears: Traditional IEMs are designed to completely seal the ear canal when the diaphragm is moving to create sound waves. It increases the air pressure which has no escape, triggering the ear’s acoustic reflex. This means that the eardrum automatically tightens to protect your hearing (similarly to when you hear a loud noise). In the long run, this constant triggering can lead to hearing loss. The ATOM Venting system vents this pressure build-up to reduce the strain on the eardrum.

ATOM Venting

  • It makes long-listening sessions comfortable: Extra pressure on the eardrum can cause discomfort in the short term, creating fatigue. When they are in their natural relaxed position, you can listen to music longer without tiring your ears.

ATOM Venting

  • It enhances the audio experience: Clubbed with all the other components, it enhances the soundstage for an open-ear-like listening experience. The interchangeable ATOM XS modules offer 4 different levels of isolation and bass.

ATOM Venting

Open Acoustics System

Finally, we have the Open Acoustics System that consists of Open Drivers, a Sound Reactor and Sound Reflector.

Open Acoustics System

Traditional IEMs fit their drivers with a sound tube, designed to carry the sound waves to the canal stem. This tube can cause unwanted resonances while resulting in a closed-in, stuffy sound.

  • The Open Drivers are engineered without these tubes to radiate sound directly into the Sound Reactor, resulting in a larger soundstage and a more pure and natural listening experience.

Open Acoustics System Driver

  • The Sound Reactor shapes this free-flowing sound using natural acoustics instead of traditional IEMs’ dampers and filters.

Open Acoustics System

  • The Sound Reflector is located in the canal stem to direct the high frequencies into the ear canal for smooth, airy and extended treble.

Open Acoustics System Sound Reflector

Rigid Technologies

RIGID Technologies

While an IEM should no doubt hit the great sound target, what happens if stops working? Catastrophe! But that’s what the Frontier Series aims to avoid with its Rigid Technologies that ensure better durability, reliability and stability through 4 main components:

  • Rigid 2-Pin: The 2-pin connector can fit any standard 2-pin socket and is rated over a thousand seamless connections. The socket features a revolutionary quadrant design to prevent loose signals and connectivity issues.

RIGID Technologies 2 Pin

  • RCX - Rigid Coaxial: Unlike the 2-pin connector, the Rigid Coaxial is rated for a whopping 5,000 connections. This connectivity option is available only for custom models.

RIGID Technologies Coaxial

  • Rigid Snap Screen: This is used to protect the canal stem from its prominent (yet often ignored) nemesis - debris. The snap technology makes it easy to replace whenever needed.

RIGID Technologies Snap Screen

  • Rigid 3D Printed Shells: FiR Audio uses a proprietary 3D scanning and 3D printing process. While the shells are 20% thicker than the industry average for better durability, the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

RIGID Technologies Shell

Let’s Get a Quick View at the Frontier Line-up

FiR Audio Neon 4

Equipped with 3 balanced armature drivers and a 10mm dynamic driver, this IEM offers smooth, creamy, high-res audio.

FiR Audio Krypton 5

Encompassing 4 balanced armature drivers and a 10mm dynamic driver, this IEM ensures outstanding clarity with a textured presentation and incredible instrument separation.

FiR Audio Xenon 6

Fitted with 4 balanced armature drivers, a 10mm dynamic driver and an electrostatic driver, this IEM elevates an audio track through high-resolution and lifelike audio.

And, with this, it’s time to say ‘that’s all folks!’ Don’t forget to drop us a mail if you’d love to know more about the Frontier Series at Let us know which other IEMs you’d love to read about too.

FiR Audio & the Frontier Series

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