Dipanjan's Audiophile Journey: From Childhood to a Passionate Hobby
As a senior IT executive based out of Kolkata, Dipanjan Biswas has always had a passion for music and audio gear. Growing up, his father was a DIY enthusiast who had a variety of different audio equipment in their home, including a Telefunken reel-to-reel player, Marconiphone record player, and Ahuja speakers.
Dipanjan's audiophile journey began in his childhood, but took a break for a couple of decades as he pursued his career and moved out of his family home. However, in 2019, he found himself drawn back to the world of audiophile gear when he discovered some Prog Rock on YouTube and decided to put together a system to listen to those songs.
One specific moment that solidified Dipanjan's love for audiophile gear was when he heard the guitar riff at the start of "So Far Away is from the album Bothers In Arms by Dire Straits" playing on KEF speakers fed by a Denon PMA-500NE during a demo session at an audio store.
As Dipanjan's audiophile journey has evolved, he has become more selective and has reduced experimentation. Some of his favorite pieces of equipment include the Chord Mojo2 DAC, the Cayin RU6 R2R DAC, the Schiit Loki Mini+, the Crown XLS 1002, the Aiyima Tube A3, and the iFi Zen Phono.
Dipanjan's audiophile hobby has a positive impact on his daily life, helping him to relax and lift his spirits when he's down. He selects new pieces of equipment primarily based on reviews and has some advice for someone just starting their audiophile journey. He suggests starting with budget gear, such as Xduoo and SMSL products, available on TheAudioStore, and BLON headphones and budget IEMs from vendors like QKZ.

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