Prakash's Audiopile journey  - Journey from casual audio listener to Audiopile
I am Prakash Prasad and currently based out of Gurgaon location. I am an Ops guy and working as Operation Manager for a U.S based firm and love exploring new gadgets and listening to music. Everyday I use to spend 2-3 hours daily to listening music on my favorite DAP's or my home theater system. Early morning music with a cup of coffee or tea is an amazing beginning of the day.

Can you tell us about your first experience with audio gears

My journey started long back when I was a 10 year old boy. We used to have an electronics shop for repairing electronic items and cassette recordings. One day, surprisingly , I got one damaged walkman and thought of repairing the same and since then the journey of this hobby started with using that walkman. Over the period of time I took multiple walkmans then Ipods came into existence.
My first audiopile gear was FIIO X5 and it amazed me with the sound quality that it used to produce. Since then the journey continues and has reached my current set up of Dethonray prelude dtr1+ and Sony NW-WM1AM2. I have used several gears from almost all the companies like - Astell Kern, Cayin, Dethonray, Ibasso, Sony and so on. Along with this set up I also enjoy my Harman Kardon Aura Live 3 and its continuing service since the last one and half year by now.

What inspired you to start your audiophile journey?

As I stated earlier my first DAP FIIO X5 which I took long back around 10-12 years from now, has amazed me with the sound quality and its bring that rigour in me to explore and deep dive into the world of Audiopile. I started searching to reach my experience to an ecstasy level of enjoyment.  I started investing and collecting gears and every gear which I took was amazed with their sound quality.

Can you describe a specific moment or experience that solidified your love for audiophile gears?

I have two amazing experiences to share here. During the COVID19, I was lucky to get hands on my best combo of Dethonray prelude dtr1 with Campfire Andromeda and the movement I added Pico power Amp to it then ohh boy it was killing sound experience. The next was with Sony WM1AM2 with Campfire Ara and it's a match made in heaven experience. The detailing of Campfire Ara with Sony WM1A was excellent.

How has your audiophile journey evolved over time?

My journey was not that easy here as I have gone through several ups and downs in my life and multiple times I had to liquidate my collection to meet obligations, however the journey has gradually developed and I continue to buy and enjoy my gears.
SInce 2019 onwards, for me it was a very stable and manageable journey in this hobby, I got my hands on DTR and campfire family and kept exploring.

What are some of your favourite pieces of audiophile equipment and why?

I am a fanboy of DTR1 and Campfire audio. So far my experience with DTR1 is amazing due to the detailed sound it produced and Campfire audio because somehow I love the tonality of it.
As of now Campfire Solaris is one of my favorite IEM as it has all that I need. It amazes me with the tonality with DD bass that it has. Moreover my recent purchase of Sony NW-WM1AM2 is serving me nicely. It is one of the best DAP i have ever used with excellent sound quality with amazing battery life.

How does your audiophile hobby impact your daily life?

It's in my daily routine to enjoy listening to music every morning once I'm back home by dropping my daughter off at school. I spend around 1-2 hours daily morning listening to music with a warm cup of coffee or Tea.
Sundays are special days for me to spend long listening hours at noon time.

How do you select new pieces of equipment for your collection?

I'm not choosy when it comes to selecting gears and love trying/ listing new gears, however I do check reviews and then buy new gears. I know my prefered sound signature and accordingly then i pick items.

Can you share tips or advice for someone just starting their audiophile journey?

I believe audiopile is endless journey and the hunt of exploring more and more never ends. The more you dig into it, you will end up investing more and more in it.
So my suggestion for newcomers is to identify the prefered sound signature and if you require support to identify the prefered sound signature then please connect the audio store experts they will help. Once sound signature is identified then have small amount invested to make set up and don't just flip gadgets for exploring new things and just use existing setup optimally.

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