Fir Audio e12 Review: Jitesh Jumani's Take


The following review has been thoughtfully crafted by Mr. Jitesh Jumani from Chennai, a cherished supporter, customer, and friend of The Audio Store. We express our gratitude to Mr. Jitesh for generously sharing his personal insights into the FiR Audio Electron 12 (e12) IEMS. It is important to note that this review is entirely unbiased, reflecting Mr.Jitesh's genuine experiences and preferences. No benefits or exchanges have influenced the content of this review. His valuable contributions significantly enhance our blog, and we sincerely appreciate his unwavering dedication to the audio enthusiast community.


The e12 is Fir Audio’s latest offering which features a 12mm dynamic driver and retails for about 1.65L INR (or 1799 USD). The e12 features technologies such as SwapX (allows users to easily switch faceplates), Tactile bass, and ATOM venting. The atom venting this time around is internal, unlike the frontier series (Kr5, Ne4, Xe6, Rn6) which have swappable ATOM vents. The 12mm electro-dynamic driver is coupled with the IEM chassis, which, according to Fir audio, delivers a deeper and richer bass that elevates the listening experience to new heights.

The pack-in cable is perhaps one of the finest cables from Fir audio to date. The 8-core cable consists of oxygen-free pure silver cores with copper shielding, all of which is packed in a clear jacket, which makes the cable look beautiful and in terms of SQ too, it delivers in spades. The 2-pin cable comes with a 4.4mm balanced termination thus making it compatible with the balanced output of most modern DAPs and dongles which support balanced output.

Fir Audio e12 Review Jitesh Jumani's Take


The overall sound signature of the e12 is V shaped, albeit a mild to moderate V rather than a deep V shaped sound. The bass is one of the highlights of the e12. The bass is articulate and has heft that can clearly be delivered only by a dynamic driver. The bass is powerful and packs a solid punch. The bass has excellent depth and one can really feel the rumble in a track like “Sirens of the Sea
(Sonorous Mix)”.

The e12 has an open and transparent mid-range with a natural and clean tonality. The upper mids are pushed slightly forward in comparison to the lower mids, but given the V shaped sound, the mids do tend to be pushed back in comparison to the bass and the treble. Although the mids sound natural, for the most part, they don’t have the weight or the intricacies that say an IEM like the 64audio Volür or Fir audio Rn6. If one is looking for nuanced vocals, the e12 may not be the best fit. In terms of treble, the e12 has crisp, transparent, and intricate details with plenty of sizzle. Although the treble is boosted, it doesn’t sound piercing or too sharp. It creates enough airiness that gives a sense of a wider stage, though the stage depth itself is limited, resulting in a mildly holographic listening experience. The e12’s tuning is quite mature with good analog like tonality and a mildly V-shaped signature. The presentation is pretty life-like, thereby setting it apart among a sea of multi-driver configurations. It has a clean and controlled presentation that ensures a pleasant listening experience without any harsh tones.


A no-nonsense single DD IEM from Fir audio that gives a good taste of their mature tuning with good analog like sound and a V-shaped signature. The bass is excellent and is likely to satisfy the demands of the most demanding of bass heads. The mids are natural and the treble is airy. Overall, it is a great option for someone who wants to try Fir Audio’s IEMs, but can’t afford the frontier series just yet.

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