TRN BAX PRO In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Analysis


In today's blog, I will be reviewing the TRN BAX PRO In-Ear Monitors, equipped with 1DD+2BA+2EST drivers and tuning switches. TRN has incorporated Knowles BA driver, Sonion electrostatics driver unit, and a beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver in the BAX PRO. The driver configuration looks intriguing; let's delve into the sound performance.

Design and Build Quality-

The shells of TRN BAX PRO IEMs are crafted from lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy, providing a sturdy feel. The faceplate boasts a simple yet elegant 3-line design with three screws. While the design is decent, the semi-open faceplate design may not justify the price tag. The cables, with their swappable audio plug design, exhibit satisfactory build quality.

TRN BAX PRO In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Analysis

Comfort and Fit-

The compact size of the TRN BAX PRO shell ensures a comfortable fit without causing any ear fatigue. The inner shell design resembles that of the Symphonium Meter IEM. Although the included eartips are good, I opted for the SpinFit W1 eartips for an enhanced experience.

Sound Quality:

In the pursuit of evaluating the TRN BAX PRO's auditory performance, my auditory journey was facilitated by the Sony NW-ZX707, a stock 3.5mm cable, and SpinFit W1 eartips. Engaging the equalisation mode via the tuning switches, my sonic exploration centered predominantly on Apple Music, reflected through the following playlist.


The bass emanating from the TRN BAX PRO is undeniably powerful and resonant, imbued with a certain boomy quality. However, it falls short in delivering the desired depth and clarity that aficionados seek. As someone not particularly enamored with overpowering bass, my listening experience with the TRN BAX PRO left me fatigued and somewhat disconcerted by the surplus bass dominance, notably evident in tracks like "Phantom and Friends," where the bass tended to overshadow the midrange.


The midrange, unfortunately, takes a backseat in the overall sonic panorama due to the excessive energy dedicated to both bass and treble. Achieving a harmonious midrange experience necessitated heightened awareness, exemplified in the track "Phantom and Friends." Regrettably, this imbalance permeated numerous tracks, making the midrange less accessible and requiring intentional attention.


While the treble registers with clarity, it falls short of the pristine and transparent presentation one might expect from in-ear monitors carrying a $410 price tag. The treble energy leans toward the brighter side, contributing to a distinctive sonic profile.

Soundstage & Imaging: 

The soundstage delivered by the TRN BAX PRO is notably narrow and at times feels congested, confining the auditory experience within the listener's headspace. Imaging, unfortunately, ranks below average, creating an impression that all auditory elements emanate from a singular direction.

TRN BAX PRO In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Analysis

Value and Competition-

In the $400 range, several in-ear monitors vie for attention, including TheiAudio Hype 2, AFUL Performer 8, and Moondrop Blessing 3. For a comparative analysis, I've chosen the ThieAudio Hype 2.

TRN BAX PRO vs. ThieAudio Hype 2: 

The TRN BAX PRO exhibits a bright and energetic sound profile, characterized by boosted bass and treble. In contrast, the ThieAudio Hype 2 offers a mild warmth with powerful bass and controlled treble. ThieAudio excels in bass tuning, while TRN falls short in bass texture and depth, disturbing the overall sonic experience. ThieAudio's tuning prioritizes quality over quantity, presenting a warm and clear midrange and smooth, detailed, layered treble.

In summary, the listening experience of the Hype 2 surpasses that of the TRN BAX PRO, providing a more pleasurable auditory journey.

TRN BAX PRO In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Analysis 

Pros and Cons-

 Pros Cons
Exotic driver configuration - 1DD+2BA+2EST Overall coherence in the sound was missing
Powerful bass Unclear midrange
Tuning switches Narrow soundstage
Bright and V-shaped sound tuning


TRN BAX PRO In-Ear Monitors Review: A Detailed Analysis


The TRN BAX PRO, a commendable endeavor by the TRN brand, seeks to deliver an immersive auditory experience with its exotic driver configuration. However, my exploration of these in-ear monitors leaves me with a sense of unmet expectations. While the effort to craft a high-quality sounding IEM is evident, the execution falls short of the pleasurable experience one anticipates from a $400 investment.

The BAX PRO's sonic outcome lacks the finesse and satisfaction expected in this price bracket. If you find yourself considering a budget of $500 for in-ear monitors, I highly recommend exploring alternative options such as the ThieAudio Hype 2, Aful Performer 8, or Moondrop Blessing 3. These alternatives offer a more compelling auditory journey with features that may align better with your preferences.

For those who have had the opportunity to listen to the TRN BAX PRO in-ear monitors, I invite you to share your perspectives in the comment section below. Your insights contribute to a dynamic discussion about the nuances of audio experiences.

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Thank you for accompanying us on this auditory adventure. Until our next exploration, happy listening!

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