HiBy Yvain In-Ear Monitors Review - A Good Attempt with Room for Improvement


The HiBy brand, renowned for its digital audio players and HiBy Music software, has delved into the realm of in-ear monitors (IEMs). Following our previous review of the HiBy Zeta IEM, we are now examining the new HiBy Yvain IEM, equipped with Quad-BA drivers and a 3-way electronic crossover.

HiBy Yvain In-Ear Monitors Review

Design and Build Quality

Visually, the HiBy Yvain IEM is an aesthetically pleasing device with a metal faceplate featuring a lion face carving on both sides. The inner shell, crafted from high-quality medical material, exudes a lightweight feel. The cable, made of soft and flexible TPE material with rustic brown color core shielding, complements the IEM's design. The overall build quality of both the IEM and cables is impressive, offering a simple and classic design.

Comfort and Fit

The ergonomic design of the inner shell makes the HiBy Yvain IEM feel almost like a semi-customized IEM. It fits comfortably in the ear without causing pressure or fatigue during extended listening sessions. The included decent-quality eartips enhance the overall comfort of the IEM.

HiBy Yvain In-Ear Monitors Review

Sound Quality

Paired with my Sony NW-ZX707 digital audio player, I tested the HiBy Yvain using both the provided 3.5mm and 4.4mm swappable audio plugs, ultimately settling on the 3.5mm option. Employing SpinFit W1 eartips, I observed a tight and fast bass, forward and clean midrange, and detailed and musical treble. The soundstage, however, felt narrow, creating a more energetic and bright sound signature.

  • Bass The bass on the HiBy Yvain was surprisingly tight and faster than expected. While it may disappoint bassheads seeking a powerful low-end, those favoring light and fast bass will appreciate the Yvain.

  • Midrange With a forward midrange presentation, the HiBy Yvain excels in clean and textured vocals for both male and female voices. The midrange has a leaner body and weight, providing an overall decent performance.

  • Treble The treble is detailed and musical but lacks spaciousness and layering. Despite capturing details effectively, it falls short in presenting them in a noticeable way. Those preferring an intimate treble experience may find the HiBy Yvain suitable.

  • Soundstage & Imaging The narrow soundstage and average imaging are areas where the HiBy Yvain could see improvement, especially considering its price range.

HiBy Yvain In-Ear Monitors Review

Value and Competition

Priced at $239 in India (around Rs.20,000), the HiBy Yvain faces competition from the Kiwi Ear Orchestra Light (OL) IEM. Comparatively, the Kiwi Ear OL offers a more powerful bass, clearer and more natural midrange, and a detailed, musical and spacious treble. The soundstage on the Kiwi Ear OL is wider and more holographic, making it a more pleasant-sounding option than the HiBy Yvain.

Pros and Cons

 Pros Cons
Comfortable Fit Lacks in Bass Quantity
Forward Midrange Narrow Soundstage
Musical Treble Bright Sounding
Light Bass Average Imaging
High-Quality Cable and Accessories


HiBy Yvain In-Ear Monitors Review


While HiBy's attempt with the Yvain IEM is commendable, there is room for improvement. The IEM's balanced armature-based design delivers a good sound, but adjustments in bass power, tonal brightness, treble spaciousness, and soundstage could elevate its performance. Priced under Rs.20,000, the HiBy Yvain may benefit from these refinements to attract a broader audience. We hope HiBy takes this feedback positively, leading to a retuned or newer version of the HiBy Yvain.

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