KZ EDX Pro with Mic Review: Affordable and High-Quality IEM for Beginners


KZ EDX Pro with Mic is a popular IEM choice for beginner audiophiles due to its affordability and sound quality. As an entry-level option, we highly recommend it to those new to the audiophile hobby or upgrading from consumer-grade earphones such as BoAt, JBL, Skullcandy, boult, Philips, mivi, pTron, and many others. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the KZ EDX Pro earphones, which are priced at less than INR 1000/-.


Design and Build Quality -

The KZ EDX Pro features a cool and sci-fi-inspired design with a circular faceplate displaying the KZ logo. It is built with decent glossy and soft plastic materials, and the cable is made of soft, non-sticky rubber. Overall, the build quality is quite good for the price.

KZ EDX Pro design and built

Comfort and Fit

The KZ EDX Pro is a compact-sized IEM that comfortably fits most ear sizes. The nozzle goes deeper into the ear canal, providing decent noise isolation. The eartips are made of soft silicone material, providing comfortable listening sessions for extended periods. Overall, the KZ EDX Pro offers great comfort and fit for most ear sizes.

KZ EDX Pro fit and comfort

Sound Quality-

The KZ EDX Pro offers better sound quality than most consumer-grade earphones, excelling in clarity and producing extra details with the right amount of weight. The EDX Pro is a bright and energetic sounding IEM. Now let's take a closer look at the details:



Powerful, punchy, and rich bass Background hiss with or without playing music
Great male and female vocals Sharp treble
Good clarity in treble region Can't handle busy tracks
Good soundstage
Easy to drive


Bass -

The bass is powerful, punchy, and rich, providing a grand experience when listening to tracks such as "Closer" by Khanvict.

Midrange -

Male and female vocals sound great on the EDX Pro, with a decent amount of weight to the vocals. There are no major flaws to be found at this price point.

Treble -

The treble has good clarity, with a crispy and sharp sound. However, some treble-sensitive users may find the sharpness harsh.

Soundstage -

The soundstage is small, but this is not an issue considering the price point. When listening to the EDX Pro, we felt like we were sitting in front of the stage, with everything happening in front of us.


The EDX Pro blends all the sounds together, and while the imaging is not impressive, there are no major complaints at this price point.

KZ EDX Pro cable with microphone

Microphone Quality-

The KZ EDX Pro comes with a decent microphone that is good for calling and recording at home. The single button can play and pause music, take calls, and activate voice assistance with a long hold.

Value and Competition-

The KZ EDX Pro is priced at ₹ 999/- in India, with only 1-2 good IEMs available at this price point. However, we believe that the EDX Pro dominates and tops the below 1000 INR budget earphones range, making it an excellent choice for those new to the hobby and looking to understand how IEMs sound.

KZ EDX Pro package


To sum up, the KZ EDX Pro with Mic is an excellent choice for anyone looking for their first pair of affordable high-quality IEMs. The EDX Pro stands out with its bright and energetic sound signature and good clarity, making it a great fit for casual music listening, gaming, and even musicians on a budget.

Additionally, the design and build quality are decent, the fit is comfortable, and the detachable cable and in-line microphone are handy features to have. The only drawbacks are the background hiss, sharp treble, and difficulty in handling busy tracks. Despite these cons, the KZ EDX Pro is still the best-sounding pair of IEMs available under RS. 1000/- INR and dominates the budget earphone market.

At The Audio Store, we highly recommend the KZ EDX Pro IEM with Mic, and we offer free express shipping across India, various payment options like COD, UPI, CC & DC, and buy-now-pay-later options, and a one-year warranty on the product. If you have any questions or need any help selecting your first IEM, our team is always happy to assist you.

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Deepak Bharti

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