KZ ZVX In-Ear Monitors Review: Detailed, Clean, and Natural Sound at an Affordable Price


KZ recently launched the new ZVX In-Ear Monitors, equipped with a 10mm dual-cavity ultra-linear dynamic driver, at an incredibly reasonable price point of Rs. 1899/-. In this review, we will provide insights on the sound quality, design and build, comfort and fit, as well as the pros and cons of the KZ ZVX.

Design and Build Quality

The IEM shell of the KZ ZVX is made of aluminum, featuring a beautifully designed faceplate with a 3-line metal grill design and a triangular hole. It boasts an industrial aesthetic that appeals to those who appreciate such designs. The build quality of the IEM is solid and sturdy, resembling a tank. You can use the ZVX every day without worrying about durability. Additionally, the cable is made of TPE material, which is of good quality considering the price.

Comfort and Fit

When compared to plastic IEMs, the ZVX earphones feel slightly heavier when held in hand for the first time. However, during long hours of wear, there is no noticeable weight fatigue or discomfort. The compact IEM shell ensures a good seal and fit for most users.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the KZ ZVX surprised us with its clean, clear, and intimate characteristics. The bass is fast, lean, and textured, while the midrange is clean and natural. The treble is detailed, layered, and accurate. Overall, the sound feels as though it is playing inside your head, with good height, depth, and weight. The ZVX is easy to drive directly from a phone or laptop, but its performance can be further enhanced with a portable DAC and AMP.


During our listening tests of bass-heavy tracks, we noticed that the KZ ZVX delivers very fast, clean, and controlled bass. The bass is only prominent when required, and it maintains a nice texture without being overwhelming. KZ prioritizes quality bass over quantity in the ZVX.


Both male and female vocals are neither pushed too far back nor overly forward. The vocal presentation sounds natural and organic, without any sibilance in female vocals. The vocals carry a nice weight and body, immersing you in the track.


Instrumental sounds are layered with clarity and weight. The ZVX excels at conveying the finer details, making it easy to discern even the most subtle notes. The treble performance is smooth, with almost no harshness in the upper treble region.


While the soundstage is not exceptionally wide for its price point, it is still well-balanced and satisfying. You can perceive the music playing in or around your head with decent height and depth.


The imaging of the ZVX is well-executed, with notes accurately placed in various directions—left, right, center, and back.

Microphone Quality

The microphone quality of the KZ ZVX is standard, similar to other KZ IEMs. It performs decently for calls and recordings.

Value and Competition

In the sub-2K price range, there are several alternatives to consider, such as the KZ ZEX, KZ ZSN Pro X, CCA CRA (bass-heavy IEMs), and Moondrop CHU, 7HZ Zero (balanced sounding but lacking energy and details). The KZ ZVX stands out as a reference-grade IEM, offering textured bass, a very good midrange, and detailed treble. Its tonal balance is natural and organic.

Pros and Cons



Clean, detailed, and layered sound

No carry case included

Natural and accurate tonality

IEM shell could be lighter in weight

No harshness or sharpness

An all-rounder IEM suitable for most beginners



For those seeking a detailed, clean, and clear sound without breaking the bank (under Rs. 2000 INR), the KZ ZVX is definitely worth considering. It is an all-rounder IEM with good bass, clear midrange, and detailed treble. It offers a decently wide soundstage with accurate imaging, providing a tonal balance that is more natural and organic compared to many other IEMs in its class. The package includes a decent cable and memory foam eartips. The ZVX is easy to drive and can be further optimized with an external DAC and AMP. The KZ ZVX is available at an affordable price of Rs. 1899/- from The Audio Store, where we offer nationwide shipping and a 1-year warranty. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance with the KZ ZVX or any other in-ear monitors you may be interested in.


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