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Welcome to our in-depth review of the TANCHJIM Tanya Wired Earphone with Mic, a budget-friendly choice that has consistently impressed under the INR 2000 price range. In this blog post, we'll explore whether these earphones, despite being around for over a year, still deliver an exceptional audio experience.

TANCHJIM Tanya Wired Earphone With Mic Review

Design and Build Quality

The Tanya earphones boast a minimalistic design with an anode-sandblasted, aviation-grade, aluminium-alloy shell. The cables are soft, flexible, and tangle-free, contributing to a durable and well-designed daily-use headset.

Comfort and Fit

Designed in a bullet style, the Tanya earphones provide a snug fit even for users with smaller ears. We tested these for a continuous 4-hour period without any fatigue, thanks to their lightweight build. TANYJIM ensures a comfortable and personalized experience.

TANCHJIM Tanya Wired Earphone With Mic Review

Sound Quality


The warm and deep bass of the Tanya is well-controlled, striking a balance that avoids overwhelming bassheads but satisfies enthusiasts of deep, non-boomy bass.


The star of the show, the midrange, carries enough weight and a natural tone. It's neutral, smooth, and slightly upfront, making it a treat for midrange enthusiasts without inducing fatigue.


The treble is non-offensive, smooth, and detailed, offering an immersive and rich experience. While clarity may lack at times, it's acceptable given the product's price point.

Soundstage & Imaging

The Tanya boasts a wider soundstage, and its imaging is decent, providing noticeable center and left-right separation.

TANCHJIM Tanya Wired Earphone With Mic Review

Value and Competition

Priced at Rs. 1390/- for the 3.5mm version and Rs. 1449/- for the DSP Type-C version, the Tanya competes with various IEMs and earphones under the 2K range. A brief comparison with popular models like the 1MORE Piston Fit, FAAEAL Poppy, and MOONDROP Quarks reveals the Tanya's strengths in different aspects.

TANCHJIM Tanya vs 1MORE Piston Fit: When comparing the bass sections, both TANCHJIM Tanya and 1MORE Piston Fit exhibit nearly identical performance. However, in the midrange, the Tanya stands out with greater weight and presence. Moving to the treble, the Tanya excels in detail compared to the Piston Fit. Additionally, the Tanya offers a superior level of comfort during use.

TANCHJIM Tanya vs FAAEAL Poppy: Both TANCHJIM Tanya and FAAEAL Poppy deliver a warm sound profile. However, the Poppy falls short in terms of soundstage and details. While the Poppy emphasizes mid-bass, the Tanya boasts richer sub-bass. Although both are commendable products, they cater to distinct user preferences and needs.

TANCHJIM Tanya vs MOONDROP Quarks: In the realm of bass, TANCHJIM Tanya takes the lead in both quantity and quality when pitted against MOONDROP Quarks. While the Quarks present a vocal-forward profile, the Tanya slightly trails in vocal performance. Nevertheless, both excel in treble performance. The Tanya's wider soundstage contributes to a sensation akin to listening in a spacious hall.

TANCHJIM Tanya Wired Earphone With Mic Review

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Safely tuned Non-detachable cable
Warm and smooth Requires Portable DAC & AMP for best performance
Wide soundstage Treble roll-off
Bullet shape design
Excellent accessories
Designed for daily use
With microphone and button
Value for money

TANCHJIM Tanya Wired Earphone With Mic Review


If you're on the lookout for your first audiophile-grade earphones, the TANCHJIM Tanya should be at the top of your list. With its safe tuning, balanced bass, sweet vocals, and smooth treble, it offers a wide soundstage that's perfect for daily use. The inclusion of a microphone adds versatility, making it suitable for calls and recordings. Even after a year, the Tanya remains a sensible choice, poised to stay relevant for years to come. Consider this as a thoughtful gift option for your loved ones on special occasions. Thank you for reading our comprehensive review, and we look forward to your continued support in our next one. See you soon!

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