ThieAudio HYPE 2 Review: Bass Bliss with IMPACT2 Technology

ThieAudio is renowned in the market for their high-end IEMs, like the Monarch series, offering end-game performance at reasonable prices. Their commitment to innovation led to the launch of the Hype 2 (Hybrid Performance) IEM, featuring 2DD + 2BA drivers with IMPACT2 technology. Before diving into our HYPE 2 review, let's demystify IMPACT2 tech.

  • IMPACT2 = Impact Square

IMPACT2 is a groundbreaking subwoofer solution utilizing 10mm composite diaphragm drivers arranged in an isobaric design. This addition of another 10mm subwoofer significantly elevates bass power and texture, while the in-house isobaric chamber design maintains constant frequency and pressure. The result? Enhanced bass quality without compromising tonal integrity.

Now, let's move on to the Hype 2 review!

Design and Build Quality
For this review, we chose the Indigo-colored Hype 2. Each Hype 2 IEM boasts a unique handmade shell, resembling Indigo-colored marble stone with distinct patterns. The inner shell is crafted from black medical-grade resin material, offering a soft and comfortable feel. The "THIEAUDIO" branding adorns both sides of the faceplate. The shell design is unique and the build quality is akin to their high-end products.

Hype 2 also comes with a premium cable, reminiscent of what ThieAudio provides with their original Monarch and Clairvoyance IEMs. The package includes 3 pairs of memory foam and silicon eartips, as well as a sturdy carry case, providing a packing experience on par with their high-end IEMs.

ThieAudio HYPE 2 IEM Shell size

Comfort and Fit
Previous ThieAudio IEMs often posed comfort and fit challenges. For those facing similar issues, we recommend wearing these IEMs for 2-3 days, 30 minutes a day. After this adjustment period, you'll find these IEMs more comfortable. Opt for one size smaller eartips and memory foam eartips to prevent ear discomfort. Hype 2 features a larger steel bore compared to typical IEMs.

After our experiment, we can attest that, with time, you can achieve optimal comfort and fit.

ThieAudio HYPE 2 IEM Cable

Sound Quality
Before delving into sound quality, it's essential to share our setup and findings. We used Apple Music + Sony NW A-306 DAP + Stock cable + Hype 2 + Stock memory eartips. We tested with stock silicon eartips, Spinfit W1, and stock memory foam eartips. The memory foam eartips offered superior comfort and a more spacious and smooth sound.

Bass - HYPE 2 delivers the best bass performance under the 50K price point. It prioritizes sub-bass, creating a sensation akin to having a miniature subwoofer in your IEMs. The bass is both textured and impactful, maintaining a perfect balance between quality and quantity. Whether you're a bass enthusiast or not, HYPE 2's bass performance will captivate you. The IMPACT2 technology truly shines here.

Midrange - Despite the dynamic placement of the midrange, it offers a pleasant presentation. There's no sibilance or harshness in female vocals or the upper mid-range. The midrange is slightly leaner than the bass and treble but remains robust for its price range.

Treble - HYPE 2 boasts clean and crisp treble with ample energy and weight, eliminating any sense of lacking. It is as pleasing as the midrange and bass, devoid of sharpness or sibilance. The layering and separation are above average, delivering an airy and holographic soundstage.

Soundstage & Imaging - HYPE 2 exhibits a wide soundstage and a holographic sound, immersing you in music from all directions. The imaging allows for precise sound direction perception.

ThieAudio HYPE 2 Package

Value and Competition
HYPE 2 rivals high-end models like the Monarch MK2. It's the "Baby Monarch MK2," offering similar sound quality at a fraction of the price. For those looking to spend around 30K INR, HYPE 2 competes with solid products like Aful Performer 8 and Moondrop Blessing 3. Let's compare them:

AFUL Performer 8 (P8) vs. HYPE 2:
P8 is smaller in size than HYPE 2, offering a warm, fun sound with strong technical performance. HYPE 2 excels in bass and presents a more holographic sound. P8 leads in midrange and treble, while HYPE 2 emphasizes quality and quantity in bass.

Moondrop Blessing 3 vs. HYPE 2:
Blessing 3 uses a similar driver setup but falls short in sub-bass performance compared to HYPE 2. Blessing 3 leans towards a mid-centric sound with strong detail but lacks the fun and musicality of HYPE 2.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Outstanding value for money Larger IEM shell and nozzle size
Powerful, high-quality bass Lack of swappable 4.4mm and 2.5mm cables
Exquisite design and build Midrange could benefit from a bit more weight
Holographic sound presentation Treble could use some extra details and energy
Enjoyable sound without sharpness
 Easy to drive
Excellent 2DD implementation


ThieAudio HYPE 2 IEM Review

    In conclusion, ThieAudio HYPE 2 IEMs are a must-consider for those seeking leaner treble and midrange with powerful, high-quality bass. It's an excellent choice for anyone intrigued by the sound of ThieAudio's high-end IEMs without the hefty price tag. If you're looking for IEMs in the 30K to 40K INR price range, HYPE 2 competes admirably with Aful Performer 8. Both are finely engineered and tuned.

    Our HYPE 2 review unit was provided by Linsoul and ThieAudio, but our opinions remain unbiased. Thank you for reading this review of HYPE 2 IEM. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy listening until our next review!


    Varun Roy

    Varun Roy

    Very apt, concise-yet-detailed review. I personally find this review very close to my findings with an untrained ear.

    Mohd Shakil Ansari

    Mohd Shakil Ansari

    Very well written and detailed review.

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