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Experience a responsive and impactful sound with the Kiwi Ears Cadenza in-ear monitors. This earphone is equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver with a Beryllium diaphragm. The driver is housed in a specially-designed shell and comes with a high-quality cable.
Feel the Music
Enjoy the resounding impact and attack speed of the Kiwi Ears Cadenza’s bass, specially adjusted to bring out the best of the beryllium diaphragm. The quick bass decay ensures clear mids without any muddiness. The driver’s transient response further enhances the details for a lush and rich sound. The treble response follows a Harman-reference standard style curve that’s fatigue-free, natural and airy.

The Best of Beryllium
Beryllium diaphragms are considered among the best diaphragm materials in dynamic drivers. This is due to their lighter and stiffer membranes that deliver faster responses for higher audio resolution and clarity across the frequency range. Beryllium even has the greatest tensile strength and surface tension (compared to other materials used in the audio industry), offering a powerful and premium audio experience.

Handcrafted for Balance
The Kiwi Ears Cadenza has been tuned by experts for a balanced sound signature that matches audiophile standards. This was achieved by fitting the IEM’s 10mm dynamic driver in a 3D-printed, custom-designed housing. Each unit is handcrafted by a small team of dedicated engineers.

Connections that Matter
The Cadenza comes with a 4-core braided cable that terminates in a standard 3.5mm single-ended plug. This offers seamless connectivity with most smartphones, computers and other audio devices. A 2-pin connector further enhances its connectivity with its ability to connect to a variety of cables.

Music Heard Like Never Before
Why settle for mediocrity when you can experience the best? Kiwi Ears works with this belief to pursue extraordinary audio reproduction. Each IEM is created with musicians and studio engineers in mind. The aim is to produce the finest IEMs that reveal every nuance in the music through an amalgam of technological innovations with refined tuning strategies.

Sensitivity(1KHz): 110dBSPL/mW

Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz

Impedance(1KHz): 32Ω

Diaphragm material: Be Driver10mm DD

Frequency response range: 0.3%

Cable Interface: 0.78-2PIN

Earphone Material: Medical grade resin

Plug Type: 3.5mm

Microphone: No

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

Kiwi Ears is a company that creates professional In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) for musicians and studio engineers. They are committed to producing the finest IEMs by blending technological innovations with refined tuning strategies. With a small team of dedicated engineers, each unit is handcrafted to ensure an extraordinary audio reproduction that reveals every nuance in your music and performance. Kiwi Ears' pursuit of perfection means that you can worry less about what's in your ears and focus more on the sounds you are making.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
M.P. (Aizawl)
Great for this price point

Apart from the fact, that I received a damaged iem, I have no issue with the product.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that you found the Kiwi Ears Cadenza IEM to be great for its price point. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the damaged product and we will do our best to ensure that all future products arrive in perfect condition. Thank you for your support!

Prabhu Ja (Chennai)
Cadenza a wholesome iem in budget

Cadenza requires special mention for its shell though seems a cosmetic thing I love iem s for its aesthetics too...amazing suttle design ,not splashy , not dark too..hope red,Blue also arrives at TAS.its an eye candy in refined way.Initially I felt different listening to it..since my go to was detail rich iem s like Hexa ,Blessings 2 etc..but gave some time and ears to cadenza it gives a wholesome feel to music.Not very precision details and that's the beauty of it being wholesome.Bass is good not very much decay though,trebles are not harsh or peaking no sibilance ...Mids are so refined and not very real though may be due to the beryllium drivers...but its not totally artificial too.Its in right way.Very smooth unboxing experience.Nice fit little wide nozzle took time for me to fit the tip.CP 100 too fits nice to cadenza.Stock tips and cable also are good and decent for the budget price.Its an awesome wholesome iem and will stand apart sure...if you get off the taste from much refined detailed iem bit you will sure enjoy the Cadenza and appreciate it.I don't think its love at 1st listen.It needs some time and feels great.Great one on this budget.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're happy with Kiwi Ear Cadenza.

Sayan Debnath (Kolkata)
Kiwi ear cadenza

Well but not best but it sounds natural when you twick the iem right. It sounds like you are in a holo room and someone who sing a song and you perfectly feel that he was singing right of front of you. Instruments sounds right, bass tight not thampy when you twick them otherwise bass was balance but midbass not that powerful than waner sg , not full body subbass not here. Otherwise It is a fantastic twining iem who listens audiofiles. Basically It's target is harmuncurve

Thanks for the review! We're glad you enjoyed the Kiwi Ears Cadenza IEM! We think they sound natural and balanced when twiddled right - and they're perfect for harmonies and audio files. Thanks again for the review!

Goldwin (Chennai)
Awesome IEM

I am very glad I chose this as my first IEM. It is very good to hear ☺️.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're happy with your Kiwi Ears Cadenza IEM.

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