KZ Acoustics Castor IEM With Mic

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Unveiling Sonic Mastery: The KZ Castor IEM Series

KZ Acoustics Castor IEM With Mic

Precision Tuning Beyond Conventions

Introducing the KZ Castor IEM with Mic, a sonic marvel that transcends industry standards. Available in two exceptional versions - the Harman Target and the Harman Target with Improved Bass - these models redefine sound quality. Meticulously crafted to adhere to the renowned Harman FR curve, the KZ Castor series stands head and shoulders above flagship models from other brands. Overcoming the inherent challenges of acoustic tuning, these earphones deliver an unparalleled auditory experience.

KZ Acoustics Castor IEM With Mic

Dual-Dynamic Brilliance

At the heart of the KZ Castor lies a revolutionary stacked dual-dynamic driver structure. Purposefully designed, one driver dedicates itself to the 20-200Hz range, delivering a seismic bass punch. Simultaneously, the second driver handles mid and high frequencies, ensuring a seamless, interference-free sonic landscape. It's innovation you can hear.

Bass Unleashed: Harman Target with Improved Bass

For enthusiasts of deep, resonant bass, the Harman Target with Improved Bass Version takes it a step further. Boasting a jaw-dropping low-frequency drop of over 10dB in the 40Hz-300Hz range, this version redefines the limits of traditional headphones. Brace yourself for a bass experience that is not just powerful but truly breathtaking.

Tailored Soundscapes: Customizable Audio Profiles

Empowering users with unprecedented control, the KZ Castor comes with professional-grade filters. These enable two-stage adjustments for both low and high frequencies, offering a spectrum of up to 16 personalized audio profiles. Your music, your way.

KZ Acoustics Castor IEM With Mic

Comfort Redefined: Ergonomic Design

Crafted for extended listening pleasure, the KZ Castor features a top and bottom-stacked cavity design. Striking a harmonious balance between sound quality and comfort, these earphones are equipped with thermoplastic slow rebound memory foam eartips. The result? Exceptional comfort and sound isolation, ensuring you can revel in your music for hours on end.

Engineering Precision: Unmatched Detailing

The KZ Castor achieves a level of precision that defies convention. Utilizing an integrated injection molding process over 10 times more precise than traditional 3D printing, the internal support structure boasts an astonishing precision of approximately 0.01mm. It's not just audio; it's an engineering masterpiece.

KZ Acoustics Castor IEM With Mic

Elevate Your Auditory Experience with KZ Castor - Where Precision Meets Sonic Brilliance.

Frequency Range: 20-40000Hz

Harman Target Version: 31-350ΩHarman Target with
Improved Bass Version: 16-200Ω

Harman Target Version: 105±3dBHarman Target with Improved Bass Version: 103±3dB

Plug Type: 3.5mm

Pin Type: 0.75mm

Cable Length: 120±5cm

Microphone: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:
Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

KZ is a highly popular brand that has gained a lot of recognition in the audiophile community for its affordable yet high-quality In-ear monitors. They also offer after-market upgrades for IEMs, eartips, carry cases, and TWS wireless adapters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
S.G. (Mumbai)
A solid bass head buy!

I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Castor. I went for the black version because BASS! There are few tracks on my playlist which get translated very well. Most of them are good, some are a hit and miss (especially tracks that have a lot of details and layering. They tend to get muddy). Treble might be a bit much on a few tracks but that's rare. It's pretty well balanced in that region overall. I don't fidget with those switches as I couldn't necessarily make out any substantial difference but feel free to experiment.
Build quality is nice, they look amazing but the glossy finish makes it a HUGE fingerprint magnet. They are pretty comfortable but do protrude a fair amount. They are big, look bulky but are surprisingly lightweight. They don't sit flush with your ears so you won't be able to sleep with them. The seal could have been a bit better but that's fine for the price. These are somewhat like Tangzu Wan'ers but with a healthy amount of mid and sub bass. Treat for EDM lovers. I don't think they are super bass heavy as I do feel on some tracks that the bass could have been even more. But pretty well balanced overall. The bass isn't super crisp and can sound blotchy at times. But I can't generalise. It varies from track to track and genre. Overall I would rate it a solid 7.7/10.

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're enjoying the product.

a.j. (Hyderabad)
best product

hey ... u r on the right page .... nd this iem is super cool and yah i have to say .... i literally its the best ... i got wt i wanted ,.... super rich music , awesome sound signature.. if u r thinking of buying this just dont waste ur time by checking out the reviews cuz i personally went through each review and yah all reviews r correct ... so just go for it ..... happy music......., thanks to audio store and kz .....

Thanks for the review! The Castor IEM is definitely a great product and we're happy you're happy with it.

N. (Bengaluru)

Product is good not great

Thanks for the review.

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