DIVINUS Velvet Silicone Eartips

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Introducing DIVINUS Velvet Silicone Eartips: Elevate Your Listening Experience

Silky Smooth Perfection:

Experience unparalleled comfort with DIVINUS Velvet, where innovation meets luxury. These award-winning eartips boast a unique smooth and textured finish, akin to velvet. The oval-shaped design not only enhances comfort but also minimizes pressure build-up for an extended, fatigue-free listening session.

Micro-Embossed Elegance:

Crafted over three years of meticulous development, DIVINUS Velvet Eartips feature a soft velvety texture with a sophisticated matte micro-embossed design. Unlike standard silicone tips, these provide an extraordinary level of comfort, making them your go-to choice for immersive audio experiences.

Pressure Release Vent for Musical Bliss:

Our eartips go beyond the ordinary with a thoughtfully designed pressure release vent. The micro-embossed texture creates tiny gaps, allowing air pressure to gradually release when wearing in-ear monitors. Feel the difference as the pressure dissipates, leaving you immersed in the pure joy of your favorite tunes.

Impeccable Sound, Unmatched Stability:

DIVINUS Velvet Eartips don't just prioritize comfort; they elevate your audio experience. The wide stem mouth enhances sound performance, providing a stable and secure fit. The high-pressure matte coating adds a velvety smooth finish, ensuring these eartips are not just functional but also a style statement.

Your Perfect Fit:

Available in five different sizes (S, MS, M, ML, L), DIVINUS Velvet Eartips cater to every ear shape. The nozzle diameter of 3 to 5mm ensures compatibility with various in-ear monitors. Each set includes three pairs of meticulously crafted eartips, offering you the perfect fit for an auditory journey like no other.

Customer Reviews

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s k (Kanpur)
Divinus velvet

very soft material and comfortable to wear. there is improvement in mids and treble response

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to know that the Divinus velvet eartips are comfortable to wear and provide an improvement in mids and treble response.

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