EarAudio Premium Dual 3 Pin XLR To 4.4mm Male Interconnects Cable

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Discover EarAudio, the Nagpur-based brand known for its premium handmade upgrade cables for IEMs and headphones. Elevate your audio experience with our interconnection and adapter solutions for DACs and amplifiers. Shop now for high-quality cables that deliver exceptional sound quality and durability.

Customer Reviews

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Andy (Cuttack)
Well built cable

The EarAudio Dual XLR to 4.4mm interconnect cable caters to audiophiles seeking to elevate their listening experience with balanced audio connections. But is the price premium justified, and does it truly deliver an audible difference? Let's delve into the cable's strengths, weaknesses, and who might benefit from it the most.

This cable's primary advantage lies in its balanced connection. Unlike standard single-ended cables, balanced connections employ two conductors and a ground wire, theoretically reducing electrical noise and enhancing audio fidelity. While the perceived improvement can be subjective and depend on the listener's setup, audiophiles with high-end equipment might appreciate the potential for a cleaner, more nuanced soundstage.

Ultimately, the EarAudio Dual XLR to 4.4mm cable is a niche product best suited for audiophiles who possess the necessary equipment and prioritize balanced audio connections. If you fall into this category and are willing to invest in potentially improved sound quality, this cable could be a worthwhile addition to your audio arsenal.

Thank you for your thorough review of our EarAudio Dual XLR to 4.4mm interconnect cable. We appreciate your insights and are glad to hear that you found the cable to be well-built and catered to audiophiles seeking a balanced audio connection. We understand that the price may seem steep, but we believe that the potential for a cleaner and more nuanced soundstage is worth the investment for those with high-end equipment. Thank you for your feedback and we hope the cable continues to enhance your listening experience.

Diwakar Narumanchi
Nice Simple Cable

It's a good cable.with nice performance.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you are enjoying the EarAudio Premium Dual 3 Pin XLR to 4.4mm Male Interconnects Cable. We strive to provide high quality products that deliver great performance. Thank you for choosing The Audio Store!

vishwesh (Dallas)
4.4 mm male to dual XLR female custom cable

Requested for Neutrik XLR connectors to be used plus had a detailed conversation before placing the order. Upon receiving the cable was really happy with its performance.

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're pleased with the EarAudio Premium Dual 3 Pin XLR To 4.4mm Male Interconnects Cable.

Dipanjan Biswas (Kolkata)
A Must Have At An Unbeatable Price

The proliferation of the 4.4 mm (Pentaconn) connector on the output side of amps and DAPs has not been matched on the input side, except for few iFi products. The 4.4 to dual XLR is hence like heaven-sent. And TheAudioStore price is simply unbeatable.

Thank you for the review! We're glad to hear that our 4.4 to dual XLR connector is a must have for audio enthusiasts.

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