OE Audio 2DualCDC Oxygen-Free-Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

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Connector: 0.78mm 2Pin
Plug: 3.5mm
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Introducing the OE Audio 2DualCDC Oxygen-Free-Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

Unleash the full potential of your audio experience with the OE Audio 2DualCDC, a meticulously crafted upgrade cable that redefines the essence of sound. Designed with precision and innovation, this cable transcends conventional audio boundaries to deliver unparalleled performance.

Advanced Cable Structure for Unmatched Performance

Immerse yourself in a symphony of clarity and purity. The 2Dual features a sophisticated structure—conductor strands delicately covered with Teflon coating, intricately twisted, and enveloped in a medical polymer shell, itself twisted for optimal signal integrity. This design offers a multitude of benefits, from shielding against internal and external interference to preventing conductor oxidation. Elevate your listening with a blend of functionality and style.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Strand Count: Boasting 37 strands per conductor and a total of 148 strands in the cable, the 2Dual ensures a robust and dynamic audio signal.

  • Medical Polymer Dielectric Shell: Immerse yourself in a sonic cocoon as the medical polymer dielectric shell enhances insulation, contributing to an impeccably clean signal.

  • Duplex Copper Conductor Processing: Our cutting-edge duplex technology refines copper conductors, paving the way for enhanced conductivity and audio precision.

  • Concentric Lay Conductor Twisting: The concentric lay technology creates a conductor arrangement that mitigates the negative impact of magnetic fields, ensuring minimal signal loss.

  • Nexans' OFC Copper: We incorporate Nexans' Oxygen-Free Copper for superior conductivity, offering a path for your music to flow without impedance.

  • Gold-Coated Contacts and Plugs: Elevate your connection with contacts and plugs coated in 3U gold for enduring quality and conductivity.

OEAudio Concentric Lay Technology: Elevating Your Audio Experience

Say goodbye to signal loss. Our Concentric Lay Technology rearranges conductors to eliminate the negative effects of magnetic fields, guaranteeing pristine output quality.

Concentric Lay Technology: Maximizing Signal Stability

Experience stable peaks and consistent audio delivery. The cross-sectional area of concentrically arranged conductors ensures an even distribution of signals across the outer layer, providing a larger passage for signals and maintaining stability.

Duplex Copper Annealing Technology: Unveiling Balanced Crystals for Optimal Transmission

Crafted in a vacuum environment, our duplex heating process forms balanced crystals for optimal signal transmission. Slowly cooling the conductors eliminates crystal stresses, contributing to a harmonious and balanced audio experience.

Nexans' OFC Copper Cleaning Technology: Purity Redefined

Immerse yourself in audio purity with low-impurity copper. Our cleaning technology removes impurities, and polishes the surface to micrometre smoothness, achieving 101.3% conductivity according to IACS standards. 

Double Pressure Casting Technology: Superior Connector Quality

Your connection matters. Our double-pressure casting technology in connectors surpasses manually soldered alternatives, ensuring a secure and high-quality link between your devices.

High-Quality Japanese Oyaide Solder: Precision in Every Note

Enhance your sonic journey with custom-made Oyaide solder containing 4.7% silver. Soldered using low-temperature equipment, it elevates the sound quality, bringing out the nuances and details in every note.

The MMCX variant is compatible with Sennheiser IE 200, IE 300, IE 600, and IE 900 In-ear monitors.

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