HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Martha Balanced Portable USB DAC-Amp

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Introducing Martha: HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Balanced Portable USB DAC-Amp

HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Martha Balanced Portable USB DAC-Amp

Martha's Heart - Elevating Your Sonic Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of pure audio bliss with the HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus, affectionately named "Martha" after the last surviving Passenger Pigeon. Martha boasts a cutting-edge fourth-generation HiFi audio circuit architecture, a harmonious blend of USB interface processing, DAC, independent headphone amplifier, and a POP sound cancellation system. Embracing ESS Technology's flagship ES9038Q2M DAC chip, Martha guarantees audiophiles and music lovers unrivaled decoding precision, bringing your music to life in ways you've never experienced before.

HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Martha Balanced Portable USB DAC-Amp

PCM Perfection and DSD Delight

Unlock the true potential of your music with the ES9038Q2M chip, supporting PCM sampling rates up to 32bit/768kHz and native DSD up to 512. Revel in unprecedented precision, capturing even the subtlest musical nuances with a staggering SNR of up to 128dB and ultra-low THD+N of -120 dB. This revolutionary technology isn't confined to high-end audio systems but is your gateway to an unparalleled auditory journey, right from your pocket.

Unparalleled Control and Filters for Every Note

Experience music like never before with Martha's intuitive physical buttons for volume control and six filter options. Tailor your sound with filter effects ranging from anodizing fast roll-off to hybrid fast roll-off, ensuring a personalized, high-resolution music experience. Martha adapts to different earphone qualities, maximizing your earphone's potential with every note.

Martha's Wings - Dual Interfaces for Double Delight

Martha's Wings, revels in dual 4.4mm and 3.5mm audio output interfaces, accommodating various headphone types. This innovative design maintains portability without compromising audio quality. Weighing a mere 17 grams, Martha seamlessly integrates into your musical journey, delivering a lightweight yet powerful performance.

Martha's Shape - Elegance Meets Strength

Crafted from a single block of aerospace-grade aluminium, Martha's exterior is a testament to elegance and durability. Meticulously designed with advanced CNC machining techniques, Martha looks stylish and feels comfortable to hold, blending practicality with sophistication.

Martha's Eye - Illuminate Your Sound

Let your music come alive with Martha's RGB lighting indicating different sampling rates. From DSD to PCM, each colour represents a unique auditory experience. This visual dimension adds a new layer to your musical journey, enhancing both your listening and visual pleasure.

Martha's Essence - Power in Compact Form

Compact yet powerful, Martha delivers 138mW+138mW@32Ω in 3.5mm SE and 180mW+180mW@32Ω in 4.4mm BAL. With low noise and distortion, it provides a clean amplification experience that resonates with audiophiles seeking excellence on the go.

Universal Harmony - Compatibility Across Platforms

Boasting a standard Type-C interface, Martha ensures compatibility across various platforms, from Windows and Mac OS to iPad OS, Android, iOS, and Harmony OS. Enjoy plug-and-play convenience on all operating systems, making Martha the ideal companion for diverse music enthusiasts.

From Portable to Anywhere - Martha's Versatility

Whether connected to a mobile phone, or desktop setup, or accompanying you to exotic destinations, Martha's truly balanced design ensures exceptional power with minimal crosstalk and noise. Equipped with a USB Type-C port, it's even compatible with new-gen iPhone smartphones, making it the perfect companion for every audio enthusiast.

Hi-Res Audio Certified - Your Guarantee of Quality

Martha proudly carries the Hi-Res Audio certification, a testament to its ability to handle digital resolutions beyond 24-bit/96kHz. Proposed and defined by Sony, and recognized by JAS and CEA, this certification ensures extreme music quality and original sound reproduction, setting Martha as a benchmark for audio excellence. 


Dimensions: 55×25×11mm

DAC Chip: ESS9038Q2M

DSD: Native DSD64/128/256/512

PCM: Support up to 32bit/768kHz

Output option: Compatible with single-ended 3.5mm and balanced 4.4mm plug earphones

Sampling rate indicator: Support

Shell material: CNC integrated aluminum alloy

Function buttons: 2

Switching filter: Support

Transmission interface: Type-C interface interchangeable cable design

Supported systems: Android, Windows, Mac OS, iPad OS, Harmony OS (Please note: a Lightning to Type-C cable with OTG function has to be purchased separately to support iOS)

Net weight: 17g

Color: Black, Sliver, Blue

Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz

PO (3.5): 0.0019%

BAL (4.4): 0.0008%

Signal-to-noise ratio
PO (3.5): 123dB

BAL (4.4): 120dB

PO (3.5): 75dB

BAL (4.4): 115dB

Output power
Up to 138mW+138mW SE 3.5mm

Up to 180mW+180mW BAL 4.4mm

Packing list
Type-C to Type-C Cable×1, Type-C to USB-A adapter×1, User manual×1, Warranty card×1

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: https://www.theaudiostore.in/pages/warranty-claim-form

Founded in 2009, and based in the manufacturing centre of Dongguan in Southern China, HIDIZS set out to make premium yet affordable portable music players with great sound. The company believes “no-one should ever compromise on sound quality”, is run by a CEO who is also a musician and boasts a core team of more than 40 staff with decades of combined experience in professional audio R&D.

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