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Enjoy larger-than-life sound in a tiny form with the Sennheiser IE 300. This tiny IEM is equipped with an Extra Wide Band (XWB) transducer for an incredible audio performance. The tiny form factor fits comfortably, and when used with the eartips that come in the box, feature stellar noise isolation. A para-aramid reinforced cable with gold-plated connectors ensures ultimate durability.

Tiny in Size; Big on Sound
Experience a breath-taking audio performance in a tiny package with the Sennheiser IE 300. At its heart lies a powerful 7mm Extra Wide Band (XWB) driver. These drivers are known to reproduce audio that stays true to the Sennheiser audiophile legacy and are manufactured with exacting precision at their world-class facility in Germany.

Great Sound Throughout the Frequency Range
This new driver uses a unique blend of materials in the diaphragm that improves its rest-and-response times for better accuracy across the frequency range. The treble is clear and without any harshness, the mids are warm and silky and the bass is clean, with low harmonic distortion.

A Breath of Fresh Air
An important element that’s responsible for the IE 300’s balanced acoustical performance is the back volume. Its structure is almost like a room-within-a-room! As the air travels through and exits the acoustical system, its direction and volume are carefully controlled. Moreover, a frequency absorbing resonator chamber removes the masking effects that occur in the ear canal. This brings out the details and nuances in your music that were previously unheard of.

No Noise, Just Pure Music
Let nothing come in between you and pure sonic bliss. The Sennheiser IE 300 comes with silicone and memory foam eartips of 3 different sizes each that offer incredible noise isolation. The housings have been inspired by IEMs used by performing musicians to fit comfortably and prevent ear fatigue, even during long listening sessions.

Durable & Reliable
Apart from its sonic properties, a great IEM also offers unmatched durability and reliability. The recessed, 4.8mm-wide MMCX sockets ensure outstanding strain relief. The para-aramid reinforced cable is rated for thousands of bend cycles and terminate with gold-plated Fidelity + MMCX cable connectors.

Model No: IE 300
Wearing Style: In-Ear
Earpiece Connection: Wired
Bluetooth Version: NA
No. of Drivers: 1
Driver Type: Single Dynamic Driver
Driver Size: NA
Weight: 4gm
Sound pressure level (SPL): 124 DB (1 KHz / 1 Vrms)
Impedance: 16ohm
Frequency Response: 6 Hz - 20 KHz
Maximum Power Handling: NA
Sensitivity: 124 DB (1 KHz / 1 Vrms)
Codecs: NA
Active Noise Cancellation: NA
Volume Control Function: NA
Microphone: NA
Play Time: NA
Additional Runtime: NA
Battery Capacity: NA
Charging Interface: NA
Audio Jack Size: 3.5mm
Cable Length: 1.25 m
Cable Detachable: YES
Connector: Fidelity (+) MMCX
Water Resistance: NA
Warranty Period:
2 Year

In The Box
1U Sennheiser IE 300 Earphones
1U Cable With MMCX Connectors And 3.5mm Plug
6Pair Silicone & Memory Foam Sets (S, M, L)
1U Carry Case
1U Cleaning Tool
1U User Manuals

Warranty Period: 2 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Contact No: 1800 22 36 32
Email Id:

Sennheiser is a well-known brand in the audio industry. They offer a wide range of products catering to both audiophiles and casual listeners. Their products include open back and closed back audiophile headphones, in-ear monitors, ANC headphones, and true wireless earbuds. They are known for their exceptional sound quality and durability. Whether you're a professional musician or just a music enthusiast, Sennheiser has something for everyone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Geet Chopra (Delhi)
Magic by Germans

Don’t go by the tiny package, this is an end game IEM. Please don’t get me wrong- there are better out there with technicalities but this shall win over you with its sheer likeable sound profile. It transcends you into a field of auditory bliss and you’ll be smiling - all the time. This is what this IEM, on no - Magic by Germans does. Thank you to Pritam and the team- wonderful service, great customer support and the W1 tips are match made in heaven - don’t ignore them. BUY THIS- PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR- BUY THIS.

Pawan Binjha (Ranchi)

One of the most comfortable iem in the market.Great sound quality with punchy bass,clean mids nice treble.Apart from music these are also good for gaming.

A smooth and fun sounding iem

Let's come to the Sound:

The main strength of this particular iem is the Mids. They are just a little bit forward. Although the instruments came forward, i find the vocals are somewhat laid back, just a little. But the vocals are a beauty when i try with some vocalcentric songs.

Treble is quite good. I didn't find any sibilance. It has got a smooth treble without any compromise on details and resolution, that means you can have a long listening session without any fatigue.

Here comes the twist, it has got a huge quantity of bass but lacks in quality. The low frequency are mostly focus on the Midbass. That is clearly due to the missing of Subbass. I didn't find those rumble and slams either. And one more thing the decay of the bass is somewhat longer than usual.

It has got a wide soundstage (above average). But it mainly focus on the width and not into the depth. The instrument seperation is quite good with enough width. You won't find any congestion.

Overall the Sennheiser ie 300 is a very smooth and fun sounding iem.

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