Shanling H7 Flagship Hi-Res Balanced Portable USB DAC & AMP

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Shanling H7: Elevate Your Audio Experience with Flagship DAC and Powerful Amplification

Shanling H7 Flagship Hi-Res Balanced Portable USB DAC & AMP

Discover the pinnacle of portable audio excellence with the Shanling H7, a groundbreaking USB DAC/AMP boasting the flagship AKM4499EX DAC chipset. This high-end device delivers a superior Hi-Res audio experience, featuring a self-developed high-power amp circuitry that generates a robust 1.3W output at 32Ω. The H7 sets itself apart with its versatility, supporting multiple headphone output ports (3.5mm/4.4mm/6.35mm), rear RCA line-out function, and a 1.44” display screen for intuitive navigation.

Premium Audio Prowess with AKM Flagship DAC Chipset: Immerse yourself in premium sound quality crafted by the AKM4499EX DAC chip, renowned for its 32-bit Velvet Verita sound. The AK4191EQ modulator ensures organic, rich tonality with ultra-low distortion, providing an unparalleled high-resolution audio experience.

Cutting-Edge XMOS USB Processor: Powered by the latest XMOS XU316 16-core USB processor chipset, the H7 ensures seamless signal transmission with minimal delay. Supporting high-resolution 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512, it sets the stage for an uncompromised audio journey.

Studio-Grade MQA Decoding: The Shanling H7 is your gateway to studio-grade audio with 8x MQA decoding. As an MQA-certified device, it unfolds files with precision, capturing the essence of your music in unparalleled detail.

Versatile Input/Output Options: Connectivity is key, and the H7 excels with USB, Coaxial, Optical, and Bluetooth inputs. The inclusion of a microSD card slot (supporting up to 2TB) and a line-out RCA port adds to its versatility. Bluetooth functionality is optimized for signal input.

High-Power Amplification for Audiophile Delight: Unleash the full potential of your headphones with the H7's high-power amplification circuitry. Utilizing TPA6120A2/OPA2211/MUSES8920 chips, it delivers up to 1300mW of clean output through the balanced port on high-gain mode.

MicroSD Card Slot & Eddict Player Integration: Beyond its DAC/AMP capabilities, the H7 supports microSD cards up to 2TB, allowing for standalone playback. Seamlessly integrate your music library with the Eddict music player application, offering a user-friendly interface for effortless control.

Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Listening: The H7 houses a formidable 6800mAh battery, providing up to 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. Quick charging support ensures minimal downtime, keeping your music flowing effortlessly.

Audio Circuit: TPA6120A2 / OPA2211 / MUSES8920
USB Input: XMOS XU316
Platform: Ingenic X2000
Output Connectors: 6.35/4.4/3.5mm & RCA
Dimensions:142 x 85 x 25 mm
Weight: 352.5 g

Screen:1.44-inch Screen
System: Open Android 10
Audio formats: DSD(".iso",".dsf",".dff") / ISO / DXD / APE / FLAC / WAV / AIFF / AlF / DTS / MP3 / WMA / AAC / OGG / ALAC / MP2 / M4A / AC3 / M3U / M3U8/ OPUS
Hi-Res Support:32 bit / 768 kHz, DSD 512, MQA 8x
Gain Setting: Three-Level Setting
Storage: MicroSD Card Slot, up to 2TB
Digital Filters:6 Preset Filters
Battery: 2x 18650
Battery Capacity: 6800 mAh
Battery Life: Up to 10h SE / 8H BAL
Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver
Bluetooth Codec Support: LDAC / AAC / SBC

RCA Output
Output Level: 2.4 Vrms
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 40kHz (-0.2dB)
THD+N: 0.0006%
Dynamic Range: 121dB
Signal-to-noise: 121dB
Output impedance: 47KΩ

Single-Ended Output:
Output Power
Low Gain: 28mW @32 Ohm
Medium Gain: 112mW @32 Ohm
High gain: 450mW @32 Ohm
Frequency Response:20 Hz - 40 KHz (-0.2 dB)
Channel separation:75 dB @ 32 Ohm
Dynamic Range:121 dB
Signal-To-Noise:121 dB
Noise:>113 dB(<1.5 uV)(Low Gain)
Output Impedance:<1 Ohm

Balanced Output:
Output Power
Low Gain: 87mW @32 Ohm
Medium Gain: 348mW @32 Ohm
High gain: 1300mW @32 Ohm
Frequency Response:20 Hz - 40 KHz (-0.2 dB)
Channel separation:115 dB @ 32 Ohm
Dynamic Range:123 dB
Signal-To-Noise:123 dB
Noise:>111 dB(<1.5 uV)(Low Gain)
Output Impedance:<1 Ohm

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:
Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

Established in 1988, Shanling has been a pioneer in audio product development, launching their first Hi-Fi stereo amplifier that same year. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Shanling has acquired numerous patented technologies and qualifications, including SONY LDAC, Bluetooth BQB, and Hi-Res certification from the Japanese Audio Association, among others.

With over 30 years of experience, Shanling values integrity, teamwork, and dedication. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and we prioritize customer satisfaction and product quality above all else. Our headquarters in Shenzhen and factory in Dongguang enable us to seamlessly integrate research and development, production, and sales of a wide range of high-quality products, including Hi-Res portable music players, amplifiers, headphones, SACD/CD players, and power conditioners. We are proud of our strong partnerships with renowned international hi-end manufacturers and our stellar reputation in the industry.

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