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Audio Jack Termination: 3.5mm
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When you want music that creates an impact, you need the Symphonium Meteor. This tiny IEM packs in big sound with its drivers and unique single-tube design. The durable metal build and tiny form factor make it comfortable and lasting even for long listening sessions.
Big on Sound
Experience an impactful bass balanced with a sophisticated high treble with the Symphonium Meteor. The ‘U-shaped’ sound signature ensures you enjoy the exciting speed, detail and raw energy present in the audio track. From the vibration of the thick bass strings to the textured clash of the cymbals, it adds a larger-than-life feel to the music.

Tiny in Size
The Meteor was designed to answer an age-old problem. A decade ago, multiple-driver IEMs were designed with single tubes to fit in a tiny shell. This made it impossible to achieve a treble extension and impacted the sound quality. The answer was to use multiple tubes, which increased the shell size and became a problem for listeners with small ears. Symphonium used the latest IEM technology to bring together the best of three worlds.

Best of 3 Worlds
The cutting-edge PHAT system realises the three-fold dream of an IEM that integrates multiple drivers with a high treble extension and a small form factor. This never-before-seen single-tube design drastically improves treble extension. A true 3-way crossover further improves the sound with every driver tuned according to exact specifications.

Crafted with the Best
The Symphonium Meteor is crafted from the same T6 AL6061 aluminium alloy as its higher-end counterparts - the Helios and Triton. To offer max strength and durability, the material is further tempered. The high-quality Panasonic and Vishay components are hand-matched for better channel matching.

Driver Crossover - Custom Tuned True 3-Way Crossover with PHAT Technology
Frequency Response - 12Hz - 21kHz, ± 3 dB
Sensitivity - 111dB/Vrms @ 1 kHz
Impedance - 9.7 Ohms @ 1 kHz
Socket - Spring Loaded 0.78mm 2-Pin
Cable - 26 AWG OCC Copper
Cable Impedance - 0.18 Ohms (3.5mm). 0.17 Ohms (4.4mm)
Limited 1 - Year Warranty

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:

Symphonium Audio is a Singaporean audio company that is dedicated to creating premium quality in-ear monitors (IEMs) for audiophiles. They believe in providing music lovers with an immersive audio experience through their products, which are crafted with attention to detail and precision engineering. Symphonium Audio's IEMs are designed to deliver a balanced and natural sound signature, making them ideal for critical listening and studio use.

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