Tiandirenhe 4 in 1 Balanced Cable For IEM

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Connector: 0.78mm
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With mic: No

Wire Material:   49 cores of single-crystal copper-plated silver wire

length: 1.2m

Volume Control: No

Connector Type: MMCX / 0.78mm

Jack Size: Gold plated 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4mm

  • Warranty period: No

Tiandirenhe is a brand that consists of a small group of engineers who specialize in developing high-quality In-ear monitors (IEMs), upgrade cables, portable DAC and AMP, audio adapters, and earpads for headphones. They strive to offer audiophiles and casual listeners alike a range of affordable and innovative products that deliver outstanding sound quality and listening experience.

Customer Reviews

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Kalai (Bengaluru)
Value for money cable

These are pretty great modular cables, which has a good price to performance ratio. Build quality relatively sturdy.

Thank you for the feedback! We're glad you're happy with the product.

Bt (Delhi)
Nice Balanced Cable

Satisfied with the product.
The cable is strong and connectors are compatible with Etymotic Er2.
Definitely enhanced the low frequencies.
However, the cable doesn't offer the convenience of standard etymotic cable, which has a compact connector.
1. It has to be worn from the back of the ear, which is inconvenient as this iem is not designed for such placement.
2. the mmcx connector of Tiandirenhe protrudes much farther.

Baivab Jena (Kolkata)
Best Modular cable under 3K

Try not to opt for the TRN pro modular cable, the connectors are not as sturdy as this one.
Decent connectors, could have used a stronger 4.4mm port.

LDM (Mumbai)

Nice concept.

I'm only using the 2.5 pin termination at the moment for a pair of BLON BL03s. Would have been five stars but the finishes on the pin and connector ends are a little rough around the edges. Also, if you're looking to frequently change the termination, be aware that your eyesight needs to be really good to line the pins on the wire end of the cable correctly with their sockets in the jack element before making the connection, or you run the risk of bending or breaking the pins.

Sound-wise I do not notice any differences between this and the Tripowin balanced cable I was using previously, and didn't expect to.

Prashant Kulkarni (Hyderabad)
Boss Of IEM Cables.

Tiandirenhe 4 in 1 Balanced Cable For IEM is totally magic made my all IEMs.
I paired with my all IEMs like Pioneer ch9tIEM, Sony XBA Z5 IEM and 7Zteless IEM. All IEMs sounds great 👍 I never heard like sounding IEM with other branded cables which are earlier i was used. Really great comfort and very ease to usage with multi connectors. Once again thanks a lot to TAS for so speedy delivery that is within 20 hrs after placing the order. That's why I given the title Boss of IEM cables.

Pradeep Kulkarni (Hyderabad)
Better than stock cables come with IEMs.

Multipurpose, usefu,l and above all, performs well.

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