Tiandirenhe Upgrade Cable for Sennheiser HD560S, HD598

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UPGRADE CABLE FOR YOU SENNHEISER HD5XX HEADPHONES: This is a specially designed upgrade cable developed for Sennheiser’s HD5XX series of headphones. It works flawlessly with HD598, HD560S, HD518, HD558, HD569, HD579, HD598se, and HD2.30 headphones. Basically, compatible with Sennheiser headphones with 2.5mm connectors.

PURE SOUND EXPERIENCE WITH 100% PURE SINGLE-CRYSTAL COPPER MATERIAL: Tiandirenhe upgrade cable features a 4-strand configuration made up of high-purity single-crystal copper with 63 cores per strand. Each wire core has 0.05mm diameter. Single-Crystal copper wire greatly increases the overall performance of your Headphones.

TREAT YOUR HEADPHONES WITH UPGRADE CABLE FOR EFFECT SOUND IMPROVEMENT: A high-quality upgrade cable such as this Tiandirenhe one for Sennheiser headphones improves the sound quality of your headphones with its high-purity configuration. Compared to a standard stock cable, this cable brings better performance with improved staging, improved clarity, and a tighter lower end with your headphones.

L-SHAPED 4.4MM BALANCED TERMINATION PLUG: Tiandirenhe upgrade cable for Sennheiser Headphones use a L-type termination plug. It has a 4.4mm balanced high-quality gold-plated termination plug. L-Type plug enables a better connection to the source device. Straight plugs usually hand out longer, L-Type plugs provide an easy and compact connection. 

Warranty Period: Now

Tiandirenhe is a brand that consists of a small group of engineers who specialize in developing high-quality In-ear monitors (IEMs), upgrade cables, portable DAC and AMP, audio adapters, and earpads for headphones. They strive to offer audiophiles and casual listeners alike a range of affordable and innovative products that deliver outstanding sound quality and listening experience.

Customer Reviews

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MSP (Mumbai)
Unique and rare 4.4mm balanced cable

One and only cable with 4.4mm balanced output for Sennheiser 500 series headphones.

The build quality is robust. There was a significant improvement in sound quality.

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that our Tiandirenhe Upgrade Cable for Sennheiser HD560S, HD598 provides a unique and rare 4.4mm balanced output for Sennheiser 500 series headphones, and that there was a significant improvement in sound quality.

Vikesh K (Bengaluru)
Awesome Cable!!

The cable is very nice. There is a noticeable sound difference while using this balanced cable. The audio was crisp and the soundstage got improved using this cable. It's sturdy and tangle free. Over all a good product.

Thank you for the kind words! We're glad you're happy with the Tiandirenhe Upgrade Cable for Sennheiser HD560S, HD598.

Sudipt D. (Gurugram)
Makes HD560s shine

One of the only balanced cable available in India for HD 500 series headphones in this price range. Only nitpick would be that it has a right angled termination which is a nuisance.

Thanks for your review! We're glad to hear that the Tiandirenhe Upgrade Cable makes the HD560s shine.

Abhilash Anandan (Kochi)
Worth it. This along with a FiiO KA3 has made my HD560S perform at it's peak

The Tiandirenhe 4.4mm terminated balanced cable + FiiO KA3 from Headphone Zone has levelled up the experience of my HD560S. Super happy with this product and combination.

Thanks for the review! I think this cable is definitely worth the purchase, especially for people who are looking to improve the sound quality of their Sennheiser HD560S or HD598 headphones.

Prashant V Kulkarni (Delhi)
Good one 👍

This Tiandirenhe Upgrade Cable for Sennheiser HD560S, HD598 cable is I brought for Bose qc45 HP and it's too good sounds with this cable. Treable controlling totally, gives warmth sounds. Really I'm very much happy listening this combo. Thanks for TAS Pritamji for guidance.

Thanks for the positive review! We're happy to hear that you're enjoying the Tiandirenhe Upgrade Cable for Sennheiser HD560S, HD598.

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