HiFiMAN Unveils New EF1000DAC Hymalaya Pro R-2R Ladder DAC for Audiophiles

HIFIMAN, the leading audio equipment manufacturer, has recently announced its latest reference desktop DAC/amplifier, the EF1000DAC, featuring the advanced Hymalaya Pro ladder DAC. The new model is priced at $15,000 and represents the company's continued commitment to developing high-fidelity, energy-efficient technologies that deliver unmatched sonic output.


The EF1000DAC's standout feature is HIFIMAN's proprietary Hymalaya Pro Ladder DAC, an updated version of the company's first-generation Hymalaya DAC released in 2021. The Hymalaya Pro Ladder DAC provides improved sonic performance while consuming less power compared to traditional DAC chips, resulting in better energy efficiency.

The EF1000DAC's headphone amplifier section boasts a power output of 13.7 watts with quad matched transistors, making it capable of driving nearly any headphone. Additionally, it features a fully balanced step volume control and a 150 W transformer with oxygen-free copper wire, ensuring maximum sound quality.


The EF1000DAC includes four input options: USB, optical, coaxial, and RCA. Users can also stream LDAC and Apt-X HD Bluetooth, delivering sonics that are better than standard BT streams. The outputs on the front panel include 4-pin XLR and 6.5mm, while RCA single-ended and balanced XLR outputs are on the back panel.

Dr. Fang Bian, President, and CEO of HIFIMAN Electronics, stated that "The Hymalaya Pro ladder DAC and its application in the EF1000DAC will set a new standard for what can be achieved in high-fidelity personal audio electronics at any price." With the EF1000DAC's Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) as low as 0.0012%, this statement is not far-fetched.

The EF1000DAC is the first HIFIMAN amplifier to feature the ultra-precise Discrete Op-amp module at the input stage, which operates at high-voltage 26 V, with an output of 12 V at 0.0003% THD, and output impedance measured at 100 ohms.

The EF1000DAC will be available in June 2023 for $15,000 from authorized HIFIMAN dealers and the company's online store. The device is a must-have for audiophiles who demand nothing but the best in terms of performance, efficiency, and innovation. With the EF1000DAC, HIFIMAN has once again raised the bar for personal audio electronics.

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