HIFIMAN Introduces SVANAR True Wireless ANC Earbuds for Audiophiles

HIFIMAN, a leading audio equipment manufacturer, has announced the release of its latest reference True Wireless earbud for audiophiles - the SVANAR Wireless. The earbuds are designed to offer high-resolution sonics with a full range of sound that audiophiles are accustomed to with wired models. The SVANAR Wireless features a 10mm dynamic driver, on-board amplifier, and custom Hymalaya ladder DAC, resulting in a level of sonic detail that is typically associated with wired models.

One of the most exciting features of the SVANAR Wireless is the custom version of HIFIMAN's Hymalaya multi-bit ladder DAC/AMP module. The module offers audible sonic improvements over a standard wireless receiver's built-in 1-bit DAC. Additionally, the earbud's headphone amplifier module further claims high-resolution sonics that are detailed and full range, reflecting the maximum quality of the recording or live stream, especially when listening to high-resolution LDAC, AAC, and SBC files.

The earbuds also feature HIFIMAN Electronics' Topology Diaphragm, which is covered with a Nano particle coating, resulting in significantly greater sonic detail than what is typically associated with True Wireless earphones.

SVANAR Wireless is designed to be enjoyed on-the-go, with two noise-canceling technologies - ANC Deep Noise Cancellation and ENC Deep Voice Cancellation. ANC accurately identifies and eliminates noise up to -35dB, while ENC relies on artificial intelligence that simulates the human auditory system, extracting the human voice while filtering out extraneous noise.

The SVANAR Wireless earbuds also boast an impressive frequency range of 10Hz to 35KHz, with an on-board amp output rated at 45mW. The earbuds weigh 8g each and can be charged three times before needing to recharge the case. In addition, SVANAR Wireless is IPX5-rated for resistance to sweat and dirt over hours of uninterrupted service.

“The SVANAR Wireless is the perfect example of what can be achieved with the right mix of audio technologies and industrial design,” said Dr. Fang Bian, Founder, and CEO, HIFIMAN Electronics. “But, ultimately, it comes down to the exceptional sound quality, especially when enjoying high-resolution audio. There is nothing else quite like it.”

The HiFiMAN SVANAR True Wireless earbuds will be available in June 2023 for $499. The SVANAR Wireless earbuds are a must-have for audiophiles who demand the best in wireless audio technology.

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