Unmatched Sonic Output: HiFiMAN EF600 Desktop DAC/AMP Featuring HYMALAYA Pro Modules

HiFiMAN has recently launched its latest desktop DAC/AMP, the EF600. This audio equipment not only features a sleek and aesthetically appealing design but also serves as a headphone stand, reducing desktop clutter. It includes balanced input/output connections, high-resolution Bluetooth connectivity, an independent power supply, and a thermal optimized tower case.

The Hymalaya Pro DAC module is one of the unique features of the EF600 that sets it apart from other DACs in the market. It consists of an array of highly accurate resistors that use a “ladder” method of conversion to convert the digital signal with maximum accuracy and overall musicality. This approach reduces distortion to an unheard-of low with no audible distractions.


The EF600 also boasts upgraded Bluetooth connectivity that supports multiple codecs, including LDAC, delivering lossless sound reproduction for audiophile-level sonics. It includes an array of RCA and XLR inputs that make it compatible with most CD and SACD players, thanks to its balanced output.

The EF600 requires the bare minimum of desktop or rack space and includes two outputs, 6.35mm single-ended and XLR four-pin balanced, in addition to a four-level function switch and volume control. The rear input panel includes jacks for RCA, USB-B, and USB-C source connectors, in addition to dual (L/R) XLR three-pin full balanced line outputs.

With a suggested retail price of $799, the EF600 DAC/amplifier will be available in March. It has a robust maximum power output of 5.12 wpc @32R balanced/1.8 wpc @32R unbalanced, giving it the power to drive the majority of low-efficiency planar headphones, including HIFIMAN Electronics’ flagship model, Susvara. The EF600 is an excellent addition to any audiophile's collection looking for unmatched sonic output.

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