64 Audio Volur In-Ear Monitors: First Impression


64 Audio has been a personal favorite of mine, with the U12t, U18s, Trio, and Fourte IEMs holding a special place in my audio collection. The anticipation surrounding the release of the Volur IEM had me eagerly awaiting its arrival at The Audio Store. Today, I share my initial impressions in this first look blog, offering a glimpse into the unboxing, design, and the unparalleled sound experience of the Volur.

64 Audio Volur In-Ear Monitors: First Impression

Unboxing Experience:

The unboxing experience mirrors the quality of other 64 Audio IEMs. Inside the box, you'll find a pair of Volur IEMs, a 64 Audio stock cable, three sets of different-sized eartips, a 4U Apex module (featuring the limited-time M12 gold module as a gift), a shirt clip, a cleaning tool, and two 64 Audio stickers.

64 Audio Volur In-Ear Monitors: First Impression - Unboxing

Design and Build:

The Volur IEM shares the universal 64 Audio shell size, with a matte black shell and a stunning faceplate in shades of purple. The combination of colors makes it the standout faceplate in the entire 64 Audio universal lineup.

64 Audio Volur In-Ear Monitors: First Impression

Sound Experience:

Equipped with the stock cable, M15 Apex module, wide bore stock eartips, and Sony NW-ZX707 DAP during my first listening session, the Volur didn't disappoint.

  • Bass: The bass performance is nothing short of mind-blowing. It combines the highest quantity without compromising on quality, providing a physical sensation that reverberates through your forehead. The warm tone adds an extra layer of immersion, setting a new benchmark in 64 Audio's lineup.

  • Midrange: While the midrange takes a slightly backward stance due to the V-shaped sound tuning, it doesn't lack in weight or clarity. Both male and female vocals shine, delivering excellent performance without a hint of sharpness or harshness. The ability to reproduce micro-details adds an element of surprise, making each listening session engaging.

  • Treble: The treble is crisp, well-rounded, and musical, reminiscent of the U12t treble section. Its natural and realistic tonality creates an immersive experience, with layering and detailing that rival full-size headphones.

  • Soundstage: The soundstage, dependent on the Apex module used, surpasses that of the Trio and approaches the Fourte. Experimenting with the four Apex modules reveals noticeable changes in soundstage and bass, a topic to be explored in depth in the upcoming detailed review.

64 Audio Volur In-Ear Monitors:  APEX


During my first listening session, the Volur captivated my attention entirely. The isobaric driver implementation truly sets it apart from other high-end IEMs at The Audio Store. I look forward to delving deeper into its nuances in our upcoming in-depth review.

Thank you for joining us in this initial sonic journey with the 64 Audio Volur In-Ear Monitors. Stay tuned for our comprehensive review. Feel free to visit our Pune experience studio to personally experience the Volur. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

64 Audio Volur In-Ear Monitors: Review

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