Gizaudio × Binary Chopin 1DD+3BA In-ear Monitors Review: A Harmonious Blend of Design and Audio Excellence

In 2017, Binary set out on a mission to let ears convey sound and emotion, aiming to immerse users in the pure world of music. Collaborating with Gizaudio, a popular YouTube channel, they birthed the "Chopin" IEM, featuring a dynamic driver and three balanced armature drivers.

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin Review: 1DD+3BA In-ear Monitors

Design and Build Quality-
Chopin's design philosophy centers around minimalism, reflected in the metal faceplate adorned with Binary and Chopin branding. The inner shell, crafted from matte-finished high-quality plastic, complements the soft and flexible cable. The overall minimalistic approach extends to the retail packaging. With excellent build quality for both the IEM and cable, the provided carry case and accessories enhance the user experience.

Comfort and Fit-
The oval-shaped faceplate and compact, ergonomic inner shell of Chopin ensure a comfortable fit. The design facilitates a good seal and deeper insertion, though it's not recommended for sleep use. Stock eartips offer comfort, and the lightweight IEM shell adds to the overall comfort due to the materials used.

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin Review: 1DD+3BA In-ear Monitors

Sound Quality-
Chopin surprises with a V-shaped tuning, emphasizing sub-bass, a natural and warm midrange, and musical treble. Tested on Sony ZX707, the IEM offers a fantastic sound experience, prioritizing music enjoyment over technical details. The sub-bass is powerful and clear, midrange is smooth, and the treble is sparkly and clean. While the soundstage is average, the imaging is decent, creating an overall great sound that caters to a wider audience than the Galileo.

Bass -
Chopin's focus on sub-bass results in a massive, powerful, and clear bass presentation, appealing to bass enthusiasts without compromising midrange and treble clarity.

Midrange -
The midrange is smooth, natural, and well-balanced, providing a pleasant and rounded vocal presentation with great height and width.

Treble -
Chopin's treble is sparkly, clean, and musical, offering an airy and holographic presence without sharpness or fatigue during extended listening sessions.

Soundstage & Imaging-
The soundstage is intimate with a decent holographic feeling and imaging.

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin Review: 1DD+3BA In-ear Monitors

Pros and Cons-

Pros Cons
Well-tuned IEM Intimate soundstage
Unique design approach Layering and imaging could be improved
Strong sub-bass
Smooth and natural midrange
Sparkly treble
Great packaging and carry case


Gizaudio × Binary Chopin Review: 1DD+3BA In-ear Monitors

The Gizaudio × Binary Chopin stands as a well-tuned masterpiece with a unique design, powerful sub-bass, smooth midrange, and sparkly treble. Despite an intimate soundstage, the overall experience positions Chopin strongly in the IEM market, especially considering its $199 price point. This collaboration between Binary and Gizaudio has the potential to captivate a broad audience, offering an enjoyable musical journey.

Special thanks to Mr. Pulkit for providing the review unit. All opinions are our own and honest. For any assistance, feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next one.

Gizaudio × Binary Chopin Review: 1DD+3BA In-ear Monitors

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