KZ ZS10 Pro X In-Ear Monitors Review: Affordable & Immersive Sound


Over the past few years, the KZ ZS10 Pro five-driver IEMs have been very popular among music enthusiasts for their extraordinary sound output and affordable price. Recently, KZ announced its improved model, the KZ ZS10 Pro X in-ear monitors. KZ has sold 500,000 units of the KZ ZS10 Pro, and after that, they launched this new earphone with improved drivers and more refined sound tuning based on years of experience. In this review, we will find out if the new KZ ZS10 Pro X will replace the old ones.

Design and Build Quality-

The design of the IEMs is very similar to the old ones. The IEMs are made of transparent plastic material, and the faceplate is made of matte finished metal with a very nice embossed pattern and a 3-screw design. On the faceplate, they have added three air vent holes. In terms of build quality, the KZ ZS10 Pro X IEMs look solid and sturdy. The cable is decent, with a microphone and an L-shaped 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack. The eartips are similar to KZ Starline ear-tips.

Comfort and Fit-

The KZ ZS10 Pro X has a long metal nozzle design that goes deeper into the ear and provides decent noise isolation indoors and outdoors. They fit easily into all sizes of ears and are comfortable to wear for long listening sessions.

Sound Quality-

The KZ ZS10 Pro X earphones provide an immersive sound experience. They sound powerful, clean, crispy, and wider. In our music listening session, we felt that the dynamic driver produced powerful bass, and the balanced armatures did the midrange and highs very nicely. At higher volumes above 80-85%, we found that the treble became sharp, which might be an issue for treble-sensitive audiophiles.

Bass -

While listening to "Deep" by Marian Hill, we felt that the bass had its own territory. It was produced very powerfully, thumpy, and clear. The bass didn't disturb the midrange and treble, and overall, the bass was produced very well.

Midrange -

The midrange is warm, relaxing, and emotional. While listening to "Lagliya Godi Tuzi" by Shashaa Tirupathi and Harshavardhan Wavare, we felt that both male and female sounds equally good on the KZ ZS10 Pro X headsets.

Treble -

The highs are detailed, clear, crispy, and spacious. While listening to "Paayaliya" by Shruti Pathak, you can feel bells, ghungroo, and dholki playing around you. The treble is spacious and airy, and you never feel it's congested in busy tracks. The treble is sharp at maximum volume, which might be an issue for those who listen at max volume level.

Soundstage -

On the KZ ZS10 Pro X, the soundstage is wide, with good height and depth. You feel like you are in the middle of the artists, and they are all playing for you. This quality of the KZ ZS10 Pro X gives you a grand and rich feeling while listening to most songs.


The imaging is very good on the KZ ZS10 Pro X. You can sense the placement of all music instruments. You can feel a lot of things getting played in front of you and behind you. Overall, the imaging is very good for the price.

Microphone Quality-

The KZ ZS10 Pro X comes with a built-in microphone, which is decent for taking calls and recording audio indoors. However, it may not perform as well in noisy outdoor environments or crowded places. The microphone produces clear and audible sound for voice calls and online meetings, but the audio quality may not be professional-grade for podcasting or recording music.

Value and Competition-

Priced at Rs. 3990, the KZ ZS10 Pro X is a great value for money proposition. It competes with other popular IEMs in its price range, such as the KZ ZS10 Pro, CCA PLA13, and Shanling M0RYAD MUSIC 1 IEMs. The KZ ZS10 Pro X stands out from its competitors with its refined sound signature and improved drivers. It delivers a rich, detailed, and immersive sound experience that is hard to beat in its price range.

Pros and Cons​-

Pros Cons
Powerful bass Sharp treble at higher volume
Warm midrange No carry case
Clear & crisp treble
Snug fit & comfortable for long listening sessions


In conclusion, we highly recommend the KZ ZS10 Pro X in-ear monitors for music enthusiasts who are looking for a high-quality and affordable pair of earphones.

The KZ ZS10 Pro X delivers exceptional sound quality with powerful bass, warm midrange, and clear treble. It has a comfortable fit, good noise isolation, and a durable build quality. The only downside is the sharp treble at higher volumes and the lack of a carry case.

Overall, the KZ ZS10 Pro X is a great value for money proposition and a worthy upgrade from its predecessor, the KZ ZS10 Pro. If you're interested in buying a pair, you can check out The Audio Store, which is stocking the KZ ZS10 Pro X with microphone and selling it for Rs. 3990, along with free express shipping and various payment options. The product comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty, and if you need any assistance, The Audio Store is happy to help.

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