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The Characteristics of Performer 8: Unleash the Power of Sonic Excellence

Introducing the AFUL Performer 8, an exceptional in-ear monitor (IEM) that embodies unparalleled sonic excellence. With its eight-driver hybrid configuration, advanced acoustic technology, and exquisite design, the Performer 8 takes your music listening experience to new heights. Let's dive into the remarkable characteristics that set this IEM apart.

Bass: Deep-Hitting, Elastic, Tight
Experience a bass like never before with the Performer 8. Its deep-hitting, elastic, and tight bass performance is achieved through a combination of cutting-edge features. First, a high-quality dynamic driver delivers a powerful low-frequency response. Additionally, the Ultra-Long Low-Frequency Acoustic Tube ensures an extended reach into the lower-end spectrum. To enhance the texture and eliminate air pressure in the ear canal, the High-Damping Pressure Relief Tube works its magic, resulting in a truly immersive bass experience.

Vocals: Natural and Warm
Immerse yourself in the natural and warm vocal performance of the Performer 8. Male and female vocals come to life with detailed and textured presentations, ensuring a pleasurable atmosphere. The Performer 8 captures every nuance and inflection, bringing out the true essence of your favorite tracks.

High-Frequency: Smooth and Extended
Prepare to be amazed by the smooth and extended treble response of the Performer 8. Even beyond 10kHz, this IEM maintains its exceptional presentation, allowing for the true restoration of instruments and their overtones. Revel in the intricate details and sparkling highs that add a new dimension to your listening experience.

Suggested Genres: Versatility and Synergy
The Performer 8 adapts effortlessly to a wide range of music genres. Whether you're enjoying the latest pop hits or immersing yourself in the grandeur of classical symphonies, this IEM delivers a captivating performance. Experience the perfect synergy between the Performer 8 and your favorite music, transcending boundaries and enhancing your musical journey.

Unparalleled Sonic Excellence with Eight-Driver Hybrid Configuration
AFUL has engineered the Performer 8 with an eight-driver hybrid configuration to deliver unparalleled sonic excellence. The heart of this IEM lies in its 8mm dynamic driver with a biological diaphragm, supported by seven customized high-performance balanced armature drivers. The result? Unmatched resolution, clarity, and an audio experience that will leave you speechless.

Supreme Performance with Four-Way Frequency Crossover
To optimize the potential of its eight drivers, AFUL has implemented a four-way frequency crossover in the Performer 8. The 8mm dynamic driver produces a deep and robust lower end, complemented by two high-performance balanced armature drivers for clear midrange reproduction. Two additional BA drivers bring vocals and instruments to life in the midrange, while three more BA drivers deliver smoothly detailed and extended treble response. Prepare to be amazed by the intricacies and balance of the Performer 8.

Patented 3D Printed Acoustic Tube Structure
Continuing the legacy of the Performer 5, the Performer 8 features a patented 3D Printed Acoustic Tube structure. This innovation enables a physical crossover within the IEM. The ultra-long and ultra-thin 62.55mm bass tube delivers a deep-hitting, thick lower-end response. Complementing it, the 46.77mm mid-bass tube and 10.61mm mid-range tube contribute to enhanced sound output. Immerse yourself in a rich and immersive audio experience.

Patented High-Damping Air-Pressure Balance System
The Performer 8 incorporates a specially designed patented high-damping air-pressure relief technology, reducing air pressure in the ear canal and minimizing listening fatigue during long sessions. This system enhances the elasticity of the lower end in the output signal, ensuring a more dynamic and engaging sound reproduction.

Patented RLC Frequency Division Technology
With its patented RLC frequency division correction technology, the Performer 8 achieves clean and precise sound reproduction. This technology utilizes resistors and capacitors to adjust the sound of the different drivers simultaneously, resulting in lower distortion. The BA drivers benefit from a smooth treble frequency response, providing an immersive audio experience with incredible detail.

New Exquisite Looks: Crafted with Care
Designed by professional acoustic engineers at AFUL, the Performer 8 exhibits an exquisite craftsmanship. Its lightweight ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to indulge in extended listening sessions without discomfort. The stunning eye-catching face cover, created using multiple layers of hand-painted aluminum foil, adds a touch of sophistication to your audio setup. The AFUL Performer 8 not only sounds amazing but looks the part too.

High-Purity Stock Cable
To complement its exceptional performance, the Performer 8 includes a high-purity stock cable. Crafted with a 98-wire x 4-strand configuration of high-purity monocrystalline copper silver-plated cable, this accessory further enhances the overall sound quality. Experience faster transients, a stronger lower-end, and an expansive soundstage, immersing yourself in the full potential of your music.

Elevate your audio experience with the AFUL Performer 8. Immerse yourself in deep-hitting bass, natural vocals, smooth high frequencies, and an unparalleled sonic journey. With its advanced technology, exquisite design, and top-level performance, the Performer 8 is a true masterpiece, revolutionizing the way you listen to music.

7BA+1DD High-Performance Hybrid Configuration
1 x 8mm Dynamic Driver With Biological Diaphragm
2 x Balanced Armatures for lower frequencies
2 x Balanced Armatures for midrange
3 x Balanced Armatures for high frequencies




CABLE DETAILS - High-Purity Monocrystalline Copper Silver-Plated Cable with 3.5mm termination plug and standard 2-pin connectors.

Microphone: No

Warranty: 1 year

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

AFUL is a leading audio brand from China, known for producing high-quality in-ear monitors at affordable prices. With exceptional sound quality and comfortable fit, AFUL IEMs are the perfect choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Shop our collection at The Audio Store and experience premium audio without breaking the bank.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
G. (Delhi)
Amazingly smooth and yet extremely detailed

Aful performer 8 is a rare gem in a sea of harman sets. It has a relaxed pinna gain region, and comes out extremely smooth especially when listening to vocals and guitars. The vocals may sound like lacking energy at times but for me the sheer richness this type of tuning provides to vocals offsets that loss. It is also rather detailed, I have heard sets like quintet and blessings 3, and still p8 is, to me, slightly better in the details department, it always amazes me how effortless p8 sounds pushing out those details compared to other iems despite having such a relaxed signature. Even the shell is fairly small for the number of drivers Aful has crammed in there and as such the fit is going to be really good for most people. Overall P8 sounds like the holy grail of an IEM for anyone looking for a relaxed sounding set to listen to for hours on end.

Thank you so much for your review! We're thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the smooth and detailed sound of our AFUL Performer 8 IEM.

G.K. (Chennai)
Audio beast

It is a real beast of an iem when connected with a good balanced cable /suitable ear tip/ to a good digital player I did burn in for 10 hrs changed to Shnix cable with 4.4 mm jack/moon drop spring eartips connected FiiOM11S high res audio player The music experience is awesome

Great review! The Audio-Technica Aful Performer 8 IEM sounds awesome with great sound quality and a great music experience.

Gokulvardhan K (Chennai)
All claims true except cable

My review is delayed as it took time to burn in for 8 hours and to change a balanced cable with 4.4 mm jack ( Shinzo )The audio experience is awesome specially vocals I feel as if the singer is from inside head and instrumentals are in front All high mid and low are the best I have experienced so far But for the cable upgrade this wouldn’t happen For a price of 32k I deserve better cable combo

Thank you for your honest feedback! We're glad to hear that the audio experience is great, and that the vocals sound especially good.

Noah Zacharias (Pune)
Vocal King

If you are looking for an iem with phenomenal vocal clarity the Aful P8's are the best in this price range for sure , it's been a week since using these and they do not disappoint at all i listen to a variety of genre's and they are just perfect for me , the aful's provide an amazing seal which is great if you are on the go . The soundstage is very wide which makes the music feel so much more engaging , it is a pretty comfortable for listening to audio for long periods of time which a huge plus for me . Last of all thanks to theaudiostore team for a really fast delivery and lovely packaging , best in the business keep it up...

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you're enjoying the Aful P8 IEMs!

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