Xenns TOP In-Ear Monitors Review: A Mid-Fi Delight


Xenns, formerly known as Mangird, boasts a talented team of audio engineers and enthusiasts who have consistently delivered exceptional in-ear monitors to the audiophile community. In this review, we'll delve into their latest product, the TOP In-Ear Monitors.

Design and Build Quality

Xenns TOP is a handmade IEM brand that produces its units in small batches, resulting in each faceplate boasting a unique design. Our unit features a stunning half-glittery Peacock Blue and half-black faceplate adorned with square-shaped glitters. On both sides, you'll also find the elegant gold Mangird logo, lending it a premium aesthetic. The inner IEM shell, crafted from black acrylic material, feels good to the touch. Overall, the design and build quality of the IEM shell are impressive. However, we had hoped for a more visually appealing and sturdier cable.

Comfort and Fit

The lightweight IEM shell features curvature lines on the inner shells, ensuring a comfortable fit and excellent isolation. During extended listening sessions, we experienced no discomfort whatsoever.

Xenns TOP In-Ear Monitors Review: A Mid-Fi Delight

Sound Quality

Before we dive into sound quality, let's discuss our setup and some key findings. We paired the Xenns TOP with our Sony NW-ZX707 using the stock 4.4mm cable and SpinFit W1 Eartips. It's worth noting that the Xenns TOP benefits from a balanced audio jack for optimal performance.

The Xenns TOP exhibits a U-shaped sound signature with a powerful bass, textured and lifelike midrange, and clean, detailed, and musical treble. The overall sound is rich and substantial, making it a versatile mid-fi in-ear monitor that impressed us throughout our testing.


The bass on the Xenns TOP is truly impressive. It delivers a powerful punch that you can physically feel. It leans more towards sub-bass, adding depth and texture without sacrificing clarity. While some may find this bass a bit overwhelming, we thoroughly enjoyed it. The beryllium-coated dynamic driver employed by Xenns truly shines in delivering this exceptional bass experience.


Both male and female vocals are portrayed realistically, creating the sensation of a live performance. There is no sibilance or harshness in the female vocals. The midrange strikes a perfect balance between thickness and subtlety, offering a pleasurable and relaxed listening experience. It's well-tuned, and we had no complaints.


The treble is slightly forward but maintains a smooth and non-fatiguing character. It avoids any sharpness or unevenness, making it a treat for treble enthusiasts. Details are presented crisply, and even complex tracks reveal their layers with clarity. While we wished for a touch more spaciousness in the treble, its presentation aligns perfectly with Indian music and its rich instrumentation.

Soundstage & Imaging

The soundstage feels intimate and narrow. A bit more width would have enhanced the overall listening experience. However, the imaging is precise and accurate.

Xenns TOP In-Ear Monitors Review: A Mid-Fi Delight

Value and Competition

In the INR 50,000 price range, the Xenns TOP faces competition from IEMs like the FiiO FH9 and Sennheiser IE 600.

FiiO FH9 vs. Xenns TOP

Both are exceptional sounding IEMs, with the FH9 offering a slightly wider soundstage and sharper treble but lacking in bass punch compared to the Xenns TOP.

Sennheiser IE 600 vs. Xenns TOP

The IE 600 excels in the midrange, while the Xenns TOP provides more detailed and energetic treble and powerful bass. The IE 600 has a slightly wider soundstage than the Xenns TOP.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful bass
  • Relaxing midrange
  • Energetic and detailed treble
  • Beautiful and unique IEM faceplate
  • Good carry case and accessories
  • Excellent mid-fi IEM


  • Soundstage could be slightly wider
  • Cable quality could be improved given the asking price


Xenns has created a remarkable mid-fi endgame IEM with the TOP, delivering powerful bass, soothing vocals, and detailed treble. Its thick sound presentation, combined with an intimate soundstage, truly shines when given ample power. Thank you for reading this review. We wholeheartedly recommend the Xenns TOP IEMs. Stay tuned for our next review.

Xenns TOP In-Ear Monitors Review: A Mid-Fi Delight

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