Gustard R26 Discrete R2R DAC & Streamer

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Gustard DAC-R26: Elevate Your Sonic Experience

Gustard DAC-R26 Discrete R2R DAC & Streamer

Unveiling the Gustard DAC-R26, a pinnacle of digital-to-analogue conversion technology. This discrete R2R DAC & Streamer transcends the ordinary, embracing an architecture adorned with the finest components meticulously optimized for unparalleled sonic performance. Immerse yourself in a world of pure, natural sound, as the high-precision resistor switching of the R2R architecture delivers a depth and authenticity unmatched by conventional Delta-Sigma DACs.

Gustard DAC-R26 Discrete R2R DAC & Streamer

A Symphony of Connectivity

Experience music on your terms with the Gustard DAC-R26. Boasting comprehensive connectivity, this masterpiece seamlessly integrates Bluetooth and network capabilities, allowing you to orchestrate your musical journey from a distance. Its elegant and modern design further enhances the auditory spectacle, creating a luxurious frame that complements its exceptional functionality.

Precision Beyond Limits: Synchronous Clock Technology

Revolutionize your listening experience with the innovative synchronous clock technology. By utilizing an ultra-low noise K2 module, this DAC discards the source clock, relying solely on an extremely precise femtosecond clock. Embrace a realm where jitter becomes a thing of the past, and every note is delivered with unprecedented accuracy and clarity.

Crafting Sonic Elegance: LPF Low Pass Circuit

In pursuit of perfection, the LPF low pass circuit of the Gustard DAC-R26 is meticulously calibrated. Leveraging discrete components over integrated circuits allows for independent adjustment, achieving optimal operating conditions. Immerse yourself in a sonic landscape where every nuance is finely tuned to perfection.

Connected Intelligence: Network and Bluetooth

Seamlessly blend into the digital symphony with network connectivity via the RJ45 port. Supporting UPnP, AirPlay, and Roon Bridge protocols, the DAC-R26 transforms your space into a hub of musical exploration. Not just confined by wires, embrace the freedom of Bluetooth 5.0, granting you remote control over your musical ambiance straight from your smartphone.

Exquisite Decoding: XMOS USB Interface

At the heart of the Gustard DAC-R26 lies the high-quality XMOS USB interface. This technological marvel decodes high-resolution audio streams, pushing the boundaries with PCM 32bit 768kHz and DSD512. Immerse yourself in the richness of sound, as this exceptional interface brings every detail to life.


Sample Rate Supported by Digital Input Channels:
COAX/AES/OPT: PCM 16-24bit/44.1-192kHz; DSD DOP64
PCM 16-32bit/44.1-768kHz
OS support: Windows 7~11 32/64bit; macOS; Linux
IIS: PCM 16-32bit/44.1-768kHz; DSD DOP64-DOP256
LAN: more in the future
10M Clock in: 50 Ohm BNC, 0dBm-20dBm
square wave 0.2V-3.3V, sinewave 0.5-3.3V

Analog Output Performance :
Frequency Response: 20- 20kHz /+ -0.2dB (Oversampling)
Dynamic range: >115dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 122dB
Crosstalk: -134dB @ 1kHz
THD+N: <=0.003% @1kHz
IMD:≈0.008% @ Odbfs
RCA: 2.5Vrms (VOLUME FIXED) 100Ω
XLR pinout: 1-Ground 2-Hot 3-Cold

Other Specifications :
Power Supply: AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption < 30W
Size: 330mm (Width) * 260mm (Length) * 65mm (Height) (protrusion not included)
Packing size: 420mm (Width) * 360mm (Length) * 175mm (Height);
Weight: 7Kg (with package)

Warranty Period: 2 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:

Gustard is a company dedicated to research and development, aiming to offer high-performance audio desktop-grade DAC and amplifiers at affordable prices. Their products are ideal for music lovers who seek quality audio.

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