ThieAudio Monarch MKIII IEM

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Introducing the THIEAUDIO Monarch MKIII: Elevate Your Audio Experience

ThieAudio Monarch MKIII IEM

Innovative Bass Power: Discover the IMPACT2, our latest advancement in personalized audio. It combines isobaric design and composite diaphragm drivers, resulting in a potent subwoofer solution that enhances bass quality while maintaining tonal integrity.

Extended Treble Brilliance: The Monarch MKIII now boasts Sonion's electrostatic drivers, delivering heightened ultra-treble frequencies for improved staging and resolution. This enhancement creates a more comprehensive upper frequency extension, elevating your listening experience.

Perfect Tonality: Experience studio-monitor-like precision with the Monarch MKIII's balanced tonal signature. Immerse yourself in clean, natural, and detailed sound, while enjoying a focused sub-bass impact for a truly captivating auditory journey.

Unparalleled Bass Quality: Featuring the IMPACT2's dual 10mm subwoofers in an isobaric arrangement, the Monarch MKIII's bass gains extraordinary power and texture. This advancement offers immersive bass quality, enriching your audio encounters.

ThieAudio Monarch MKIII IEM FR Sound Graph

Revolutionizing Audio with IMPACT2: Our cutting-edge subwoofer solution, IMPACT2, redefines personalized audio. By integrating two 10mm composite diaphragm drivers in an isobaric setup, we enhance bass power while maintaining constant frequency and pressure. This results in superior bass quality without compromising tonal integrity.

Unmatched Performance and Comfort: With updated drivers, tuning strategies, and enhanced ergonomics, the Monarch MKIII takes the legendary MKII's performance to new heights. Enjoy improved technicalities and comfort that elevate your listening experience.

Monarch MKIII - Redefining Excellence: Building on the legacy of the original Monarch and MKII, the Monarch MKIII sets new benchmarks in IEM performance. Its technical and tonal enhancements continue to reshape the industry, offering you unparalleled audio quality.

Elevated Treble Extension: Upgraded with Sonion’s electrostatic drivers and refined tuning, the Monarch MKIII now delivers extended ultra-treble frequencies. This enhancement enhances staging, atmosphere, and resolution, giving you a more immersive and refined sound.

Immersive Tonality: The Monarch MKIII remains committed to its studio-monitor-like tonal excellence. Experience clean, natural, and detailed sound with a focused sub-bass impact. Thanks to IMPACT2, the sub-bass gains punchiness while maintaining mids' neutrality, mirroring studio monitor accuracy.

Precise Midrange: Through innovative tuning, the Monarch MKIII's midrange gains higher resolution and separation between driver ranges, minimizing harmonic distortion. Combined with subtle treble adjustments, the result is coherency, clarity, and a crisp sound signature.

ThieAudio Monarch MKIII IEM

About THIEAUDIO: From DIY enthusiasts to global IEM leaders, THIEAUDIO's journey centers on high-fidelity audio. Renowned for superb tuning, technical prowess, and affordability, we redefine IEMs. Our legacy continues with innovative, budget-friendly audio solutions.

Crafted for You: Each Monarch MKIII unit is handcrafted from 3D-printed medical-grade resin, ensuring skin safety and durability. Customizable faceplates provide a unique touch for an exceptional listening experience.

Modular Cable Upgrade: The Monarch MKIII boasts Thieaudio's upgraded modular cable, composed of premium materials for heightened clarity and refinement. With interchangeable plugs, effortlessly connect to various devices without cable changes.

Immerse in Sound, Redefine Audio: Elevate your auditory journey with the THIEAUDIO Monarch MKIII. Experience enhanced bass power, extended treble brilliance, and perfect tonality—all designed to reshape how you enjoy audio.

ThieAudio Monarch MKIII IEM

Drivers: Sonion EST, Knowles DWFK 31785 (x2), Sonio 28UAP (x1), IMPACT2 (x2 10mm Composite DD)

Crossover: 4-Way Passive with 4 Sound Bores

Sensitivity: 99dB @ 1kHz (+/- 1dB)

Driver Impedance: 20Ω

Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz

Cable: 4' 22AWG 6N OCC Silver-plated and Graphene Silver-plated

Termination: 2-pin 0.78mm with (x3) modular Smart-switch (2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm)

Warranty Period: 1 Year

In the Box
Monarch MKIII In-Ear Monitors
22AWG 6N OCC Silver-Plated and Graphene Silver-Plated Cable With Modular System
3 Pairs of Silicone Ear-tips
3 Pairs of Foam Ear-tips
Carrying Case

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:

ThieAudio is a popular brand among audiophiles, known for its high-quality wired headphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs). They offer a wide range of models with varying sound signatures to suit different preferences. ThieAudio is also known for their premium cables and accessories for audio enthusiasts.

Customer Reviews

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Sid (Pune)
Thieaudio Monarch Mk3: A Comprehensive Review & Mk2 Comparison

For two years, Thieaudio's Monarch Mk2 reigned as my favorite IEM. Despite owning pricier options, I always returned to the Mk2 due to its balanced tuning. So, when the Mk3 was released, I eagerly grabbed it. After three weeks and 50 hours of listening, I'm ready to share my thoughts, primarily comparing it to the Mk2.

My setup includes a MacBook connected via USB to an RME ADI DAC or ifi Zen Dac V2. I source music from Apple Music and local FLAC files, spanning English pop, rock, Bollywood, Coke Studio, and early 2000s Hindi albums.

Unboxing Experience:
The Mk3 unboxing mirrors Thieaudio's standard. The package includes three sets of silicone and foam ear tips, a cleaning cloth, and a cable tie. I prefer my AZLA SednaEarfit Light ear tips for comfort. The carrying case matches the Mk2's design and size, accommodating the IEMs, my USB DAC, and interconnect cable.

The included silver-plated copper cable is soft, supple, and high-quality. While not braided like the Mk2, it feels lighter and better. The modular termination allows easy switching between 3.5mm and 4.4/2.5mm plugs, improving on the Mk2's tight and slippery cable termination.

Build Quality/Wearing Comfort:
The Mk3's classy, seamless resin body lacks sharp edges. Though slightly larger, it fits better in the ear than the Mk2, with a snug fit and minimal bulge. It's comfortable for 60-70 minutes, thanks to "MS" size AZLA SednaEarfit Light ear tips.

Sound Impression:
The Mk3 presents a new sound style rather than evolving from the Mk2.

Mk3 excels in bass, balancing sub-bass and mid-bass for richness and rumble without overpowering lower mids. It's excellent for pop, Punjabi, Bollywood, and EDM. Bass texture surpasses the Mk2 without smothering the mids.

The Mk3's mid-range is slightly recessed compared to the Mk2 but maintains critical details. This enhances soundstage depth, especially for male vocals, which are fuller. Female vocals gain clarity, though on high-energy tracks, the Mk3 approaches fatigue for some.

Treble is a toss-up between Mk2 and Mk3. Mk3 extends treble impressively but adds energy, especially in the lower treble, which can be fatiguing on less-mastered tracks. Mk2's tuning maintains better balance but offers less air and detail.

Another interesting note, on my Mk2 I tried to simulate the FR of Mk3 by compensating a few db here and there on the parametric EQ of my Roon DSP but I failed to get a Mk3-like result. The bass region of Mk3 is very difficult to simulate on Mk2 by equalization.

Technical Aspects:
Mk3 edges ahead technically, with better resolution, layering, and holographic soundstage. Note attack and decay are more precise, lending a dynamic edge. Mk3's timbre feels more accurate.

Final Thoughts:
The Mk2 remains incredibly close to my preferred tuning, making it challenging to declare a clear winner between the Mk2 and Mk3. The Mk3, as a standalone IEM, shines brilliantly. Considering the price point at which the Mk2 is offered, it faces minimal competition, primarily from its own sibling, the Mk3.

Contrary to common expectations that a newer version of a product should surpass its predecessor, the Mk3 follows a different path. If the Mk2 aligns with your preferred sound signature and has served you well for three years, it remains an exceptional choice. However, for those with the means and a desire to explore a spicier and more vibrant sound signature, the Mk3 beckons. It possesses a distinctive character, style, and boldness that may resonate with discerning audiophiles.

We wanted to express my gratitude for taking the time to craft your insightful review of the Thieaudio Monarch MK3 IEM, while also providing a concise comparison with the Monarch MK2 IEM. Your thorough examination and detailed insights greatly enhance our understanding of these audio products.

Your dedication to exploring the nuances of the MK3's performance and highlighting its unique characteristics in relation to the MK2 is greatly appreciated by the audiophile community. Your well-structured and comprehensive review serves as a valuable resource for those considering these IEMs for their own audio journeys.

Once again, thank you for your time and effort in sharing your expertise and experiences. Your contribution aids fellow audio enthusiasts in making informed decisions about their audio equipment choices.

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