AkLIAM PD4 Plus Dual CS43131 Balanced Portable USB DAC & AMP

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Elevate Your Audio Experience with AkLIAM PD4 Plus Dual CS43131 Balanced Portable USB DAC & AMP

Experience unparalleled audio quality with the AkLIAM PD4 Plus, featuring dual CS43131 decoding chips and the advanced USB audio bridge chip SA9312. This portable USB DAC and AMP redefine your listening experience with a host of innovative features.

Crystal Clear Decoding:

Equipped with two independent CRYSTEK crystal oscillators, one on each side of the PCB board, and multiple ultra-low noise LDOs, the PD4 Plus ensures precise and noise-free audio decoding. Revel in the details of your favourite tracks with support for PCM384KHz/32Bit and DSD256 digital audio decoding.

Customized Sound Control:

Enjoy the flexibility of a 64-level independent volume control and a high/low gain button, adapting seamlessly to headphones and earphones ranging from 16Ω to 600Ω. The increased output power of 2*310mW@32Ohm@4.4mm at High Gain ensures a powerful and detailed sound profile.

Versatile Connectivity:

With 4.4mm fully balanced and 3.5mm stereo outputs, the PD4 Plus caters to diverse audio setups. It supports USB-exclusive output for popular audio playback software like Tidal, Hiby, and Viper, making it an ideal companion for audiophiles.

Sleek Design, Lightweight Portability:

Weighing only 22g, the PD4 Plus combines an ultra-light design with a comfortable metal frosted finish. The rounded edges and acrylic translucent window add a touch of sophistication, while the buckle design ensures easy portability.

Smart Power Management:

The PD4 Plus incorporates intelligent power management, automatically turning on when connecting headphones and powering off when disconnected. For optimal performance, insert the headphones before use.

Wide Compatibility:

Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, the PD4 Plus supports PCM384KHz/32Bit and DSD256 on various platforms, including Win10 1703 or above, Android 5.0 or above, iOS 13.0 or above (up to PCM384KHz/32Bit, DSD256; driver required for Win7).


Enhancing the already stellar PD4, the PD4 Plus introduces a 64-Level independent volume control and increased output power. It also boasts a visible interior, courtesy of rounded edges and an acrylic window. The device automatically powers on/off when connecting/disconnecting headphones. Please insert headphones before use. This product is a DAC and AMP without microphone functionality. Remove the protective film on the acrylic screen when necessary.

Button explanation:
▶ ⑤ Botton: pause/play / next song(double click) / previous song(triple click)
▶ ⑥⑦ Botton: volume+ / volume- (64-Level independent)
▶ ⑧ Botton: high/low gain switching.
High Gain: 4.4mm: 4.1Vrms output max. 3.5mm: 2.1Vrms output max.
Low Gain: 4.4mm: 2.1Vrms output max. 3.5mm: 1.1Vrms output max.

▶ Decoding Support: PCM 44.1-384KHz 16/24/32Bit DSD 64/128/256
▶ Output: 4.4mm balanced + 3.5mm stereo
▶ Frequency Range: 20-20KHz
▶ 3.5mm Output Power: 2*138mW(High gain) @32Ω Load
▶ 4.4mm Output Power: 2*310mW(High gain) @32Ω Load
▶ Headphone Impedance Suit: 16Ω-600Ω
▶ THD+N: <-103dB@4.4mm <-100dB@3.5mm @1KHz 0dBFS 32Ω Load
▶ SNR: >130dB@4.4mm >125dB@3.5mm @1KHz 0dBFS 32Ω Load
▶ DNR: >130dB@4.4mm >125dB@3.5mm @1KHz 0dBFS 32Ω Load
▶ Size: 57*25*10mm
▶ Weight: 22g

▶ 1 * AkLIAM PD4 Plus USB Dac&Amp
▶ 1 * USB C to C Cable
▶ 1 * USB A to C Adapter
▶ 1 * User Manual
▶ 1 * Certificate

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: https://www.theaudiostore.in/pages/warranty-claim-form
Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

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