Edifier S3 Hi-Res Planar Driver Wireless Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Unveiling the STAX SPIRIT S3: Hi-Res Planar Driver Wireless ANC Headphones

  • Around 80 hours for music play and a short 10-minute charge giving 11 hours of playtime.
  • Industry-leading Planar Magnetic Driver brings Hi-Res certified audio with cleaner sound, greater resolution, and better imaging, as same as true professional recording powered by a proprietary audio system.
  • Most advanced Micro processing systems, make telephone communication like face-to-face communication.
  • Enable a variety of advanced functionality-customized EQ settings, control settings, cushion settings, etc.
  • The lightest weighted over-ear planer headphones for all-day use, and an additional set cooling-mesh ear-cushion for on-the-go or travelling use. 

Embarking on Pure Sound Excellence

Immerse yourself in the epitome of acoustic brilliance with the STAX SPIRIT S3, the flagship in the STAX SPIRIT line by Edifier. Designed for audiophiles and professionals alike, these Hi-Res Planar Driver Wireless Active Noise-Canceling Headphones redefine your auditory experience.

A Symphony of Features

With approximately 80 hours of music playtime and a mere 10-minute charge granting an impressive 11 hours of play, the STAX SPIRIT S3 ensures your music never misses a beat. Powered by an industry-leading Planar Magnetic Driver, it delivers Hi-Res certified audio, offering cleaner sound, heightened resolution, and true-to-life imaging that mirrors professional recording studios.

The Resurrection of True Sound

STAX SPIRIT breathes life into the pursuit of authentic sound, a testament to STAX's legendary craftsmanship. The S3, the inaugural product in this line, signifies a commitment to state-of-the-art audio products.

Audiophile's Delight

Indulge in an audiophile-grade audio experience, catering to the passion and professionalism of music enthusiasts. The STAX SPIRIT S3 ensures an unmatched level of high-fidelity audio.

Edifier S3 Hi-Res Planar Driver Wireless Active Noise-Canceling Headphones drivers

Unveiling Unrivaled Technology

Immerse yourself in a distortion-free experience with ultra-low distortion Planar Magnetic Drivers. The EqualMass™ diaphragm technology, featuring Audeze® Fluxor™ magnetic structure and Fazor™ phase management, guarantees extreme accuracy and 0.5% imperceptible distortion.

Edifier S3 Hi-Res Planar Driver Wireless Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

Precision Redefined

Benefit from the Uniforce™ Diaphragm technology, providing uniform driving force for unparalleled acoustic details. The integration of Audeze Fluxor™ magnetic structure technology and customized neodymium magnets delivers higher definition and a wider frequency response.

Edifier S3 Hi-Res Planar Driver Wireless Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

Fazor™ - Preserving Sonic Purity

Experience cleaner sound, heightened resolution, and superior imaging with Fazor™ Phase Management. This technology ensures sound waves pass through magnetic structures undisturbed, preserving the timing details in the recorded signal.

Edifier S3 Hi-Res Planar Driver Wireless Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

Wireless Marvel

Combine Hi-Res Audio with Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sound™ for an ultimate listening experience. Note: Use devices supporting Snapdragon Sound™ for optimal wireless audio quality.

Crystal-Clear Calls

With Qualcomm® aptX™ Voice, enjoy crystal-clear voice calls with an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring 32 kHz voice call quality.

Seamless Connectivity

Effortlessly switch between two Bluetooth devices with Multi-Point Connectivity. The STAX SPIRIT S3 supports multiple audio codecs, providing versatility for various applications.

Tailor Your Sound

The Edifier Connect App unlocks classic STAX sound effects, low-latency game modes, and a plethora of EQ options, modes, and functions for personalized soundscapes.

Edifier S3 Hi-Res Planar Driver Wireless Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

Long-Lasting Playback

A quick 10-minute charge yields 11 hours of playback, making the STAX SPIRIT S3 your ultimate travel companion.

Versatile Connectivity

With Bluetooth 5.2, an Aux-in cable, and a 3.5mm to 6.35 adaptor, connect the way you want for a truly flexible audio experience.

Edifier S3 Hi-Res Planar Driver Wireless Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

Legacy of Excellence

In 2012, Edifier acquired STAX Ltd., an 80-year-old company synonymous with electrostatic headphones and a relentless pursuit of Hi-Fi and Hi-Res audio reproduction.

Bluetooth: V5.2

Bluetooth Protocol: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP

Playtime: 80hrs

Charging Port: USB-C (Type-C)

Input: 5V ⎓ 1.5A

Charging Time: Around 1.5hrs

Audio Coding: Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive,Qualcomm® aptX™ HD,Qualcomm® aptX™,SBC

Driver: 89mm*70mm Planar Magnetic Driver

Output Sound Pressure Level: 94 ± 3dBSPL(A)

Frequency Response: 20Hz~40KHz

Weight: 329g

Dimension (L x W x H mm): 208x110x255mm

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: https://www.theaudiostore.in/pages/warranty-claim-form

Edifier specialises in premium audio solutions that showcase technological innovation and design elegance. We deliver outstanding sound experience through a wide range of sound systems for personal entertainment and professional excellence.

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