JCALLY LT4 Lightning Cable With Mic For In-Ear Monitors With Inbuilt DAC C100

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Connector: 0.78MM-2 Pin
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0.78MM PIN COMPATIBILITY: Tin HiFi C3/T2/C2/P1 Max/T3 Plus/T1S/T2,  Mech Warrior, Blon x Hbb Z300/BL-A8/BL-03, Moondrop Blessing 3/Lan/Stellaris/Blessing 2/Kato/Aria Snow Edition/Aria/S8/Starfield, SeeAudio - x Z Review Rinko, SIMGOT - EA500, 7HZ Legato/Timeless/Salnotes Zero/ 7HZ x Crinacle, LETSHUOER - x GIZAUDIO Galileo, Kiwi Ears Cadenza/Orchestra Lite, TRN MT3, RAPTGO - x HBB Hook x, DUNU Talos/Titan s, TANGZU Warner S. G/TANGZU - x SeeAudio Shimin Li Encounter Edition/TANGZU - x HBB Wu Heyday/Zetian Wu Planar, SGOR HiFi Venus, Muse HiFi Power, Letshouer S12 Pro/ S12, Tangzu Shimin Li, Tanchjim Ola, TFORCE Yuanli Dark Soul, ThieAudio Legacy 4/Legacy 2, shozy Form 1.1, Shouer Tape Pro, Tripowin - x HBB Olina SE, TRI - Hbb Kai 

 LIGHTING PLUG COMPATIBILITY: The Jcally LT4 cable is compatible with iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/XR/XS/8/7/6/6s/5/5s/5c, iPhone Pro 14/13/12/11, iPhone Pro Max 14/13/12/11/XS, iPhone Plus 14/8/7/6/6s, iPhone SE 1st Gen/2nd Gen/3rd Gen, iPhone mini 13/12, iPad Pro 10.5 in/9.7 in, iPad Air 3/2/1, iPad mini 5/4/3/2/1, iPad 9th Gen and older

 C100 LIGHTING CONNECTOR - PLUG AND PLAY: The LT4 cable has a lighting plug that is compatible with all I-phones. lighting connector implements high fidelity digital signal lossless transmittance and restores wonderful HiFi acoustic.

4-CORE 5N HIGH-PURITY OFC SILVER-PLATED CABLE: A 4-core 5N high-purity OFC silver-plated cable is to enhance the transmission of audio signals by minimizing signal loss and boosting conductivity. This cable ensures stable and noise-free sound quality.

 MICROPHONE MULTIFUNCTIONAL BUTTON:  With a three-button microphone, you can manage a range of functions without the need to handle your phone physically. These functions include accepting or declining calls and controlling song playback by pausing, switching, or resuming tracks.

 THE NECK-HANGING AND WRAPS AROUND THE EAR DESIGN: Designed for everyday use, the cable is equipped with a neck-hanging design that conforms to the contours of the ear auricle, resulting in a comfortable fit that feels natural when worn. This design provides ease of wear and prevents discomfort and irritation during prolonged use. 

Model: LT4
Name: Three-Button HiFi Earbuds Upgrade Cable
Conductor: 5N Oxygen-Free Copper 4 Strands
Plug Type: Lighting Plug
Connector: 0.78mm
Microphone: Yes
Color: Silver
Length: About 120cm

Warranty period: No

JCALLY is a brand dedicated to providing audiophiles with affordable, high-quality upgrade cables for IEMs, portable DAC and amplifiers, audio adapters, and cables. Their products are designed to improve sound quality and enhance the listening experience without breaking the bank. With a focus on durability, performance, and aesthetics, JCALLY delivers exceptional value for music enthusiasts of all levels.

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