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QianYun Qian99 Wired Earphones: Unparalleled Sound Experience

Dynamic Precision, Powerful Bass: Elevate your audio experience with the Qian99 earbuds, equipped with high-performance dynamic drivers. These drivers deliver not only reliable performance but also an immersive audio encounter. From enhanced bass to versatile sound reproduction across frequencies, the Qian99 ensures a balanced audio quality. Experience clear highs, detailed mids, and powerful lows like never before.

Innovative Dual Cavity Structure: Our earphones boast a premium dual cavity structure, a breakthrough in sound engineering. By intelligently separating frequencies, this design enhances sound reproduction, optimizes acoustic tuning, and minimizes distortion. Dive into a tailored audio experience where every note is crystal clear, making your music, podcasts, and calls truly come alive.

Pinnacle of Connectivity: High-Purity Copper Core Cable: Qian99 goes beyond conventional earphones with a specialized high-purity Copper Core OFC cable. This cable not only optimizes signal transmission but also enhances durability and minimizes interference. The result? A consistently high-quality audio experience, ensuring your favourite sounds are delivered with precision and clarity, every time.

Seamless Integration with Any Device: 3.5mm Termination Plug: Featuring a widely compatible 3.5mm termination plug, the Qian99 ensures a hassle-free connection with various devices. This standard audio connector, with its tip, ring, and sleeve configuration (TRS), guarantees versatility. Effortlessly connect your earphones to smartphones, laptops, and other audio sources, enjoying your favorite content with ease.

Designed for Extended Comfort: Qian99 is not just about exceptional audio; it's also crafted for all-day comfort. Designed with user-friendly ergonomics, these earphones provide a secure fit without compromising audio quality. Whether you're on the go, at work, or even sleeping, the Qian99 offers a seamless and soothing musical companion throughout your day and night.

Brand Name: QianYun

Model Name: Qian99

Product Name: Wired Earphones

Driver: Dynamic Driver

Impedance: 44Ω

Sensitivity: 116dB/mW

Frequency range: 20Hz-20000Hz

Termination Plug: 3.5mm

Cable Length: 1.25M±0.5cm

Mic: No

Color: Black

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01

Warranty Period: 6 months

Warranty Period: 6 months from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form: https://www.theaudiostore.in/pages/warranty-claim-form

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