Shanling M0 Pro Hi-Res Digital Audio Player

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Established in 1988, Shanling has been a pioneer in audio product development, launching their first Hi-Fi stereo amplifier that same year. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Shanling has acquired numerous patented technologies and qualifications, including SONY LDAC, Bluetooth BQB, and Hi-Res certification from the Japanese Audio Association, among others.

With over 30 years of experience, Shanling values integrity, teamwork, and dedication. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and we prioritize customer satisfaction and product quality above all else. Our headquarters in Shenzhen and factory in Dongguang enable us to seamlessly integrate research and development, production, and sales of a wide range of high-quality products, including Hi-Res portable music players, amplifiers, headphones, SACD/CD players, and power conditioners. We are proud of our strong partnerships with renowned international hi-end manufacturers and our stellar reputation in the industry.

Customer Reviews

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Prabhu Ja (Chennai)
Shanling Ding Ding MO Pro

It was decent build as expected like previous MO.,bit stylish for the age.Single dial system ,minimalistic is functional and ergonomic.Clicks switches song gud.Unlock requires a swipe.Dial is gud.Sound signature pretty decent for iem and may work for less power required Headphones too.Cleaner signature and may require you to dial up more than 50% for decent volume.Charge looks like around 6-7 hours decent.Screen bit small but over time we will get used to and works great.Portablity is the usp of this DAP for travel or bedside listen.May be a Spotify or Apple lossless in future will be great add on.Otherwise Gud DAP for iems and a portable DAC too for compact carrying people.Case is decent too from.Shanling.Satisfied overall.but dont think its very powerful though.

Thanks for your review of the Shanling M0 Pro Hi-Res Digital Audio Player! We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear you find it functional and ergonomic with a decent sound signature.

Yagnesh B (Chennai)
"Shanaling M0 Pro: An Exemplary Audiophile Entry-Level Player with Impressive Performance"

I recently made a purchase of this product slightly over a week ago from the audio store, and I am pleased to express my satisfaction with the package and delivery, which were executed in a neat and expedited manner. My primary intent for acquiring this item was to cater to my portable audio requirements during various activities such as walking, driving, and commuting.

Upon testing, I found the sound stage to be suitably expansive, allowing for a satisfying auditory experience. Furthermore, the device exhibited the capability to power my in-ear monitors (IEMs) effectively. The audio quality itself can be described as neutral with a subtle warmth, which enhances the overall listening experience.

Transferring my music collection was a seamless process, as the user interface proved to be both smooth and devoid of any apparent glitches or inconveniences. In terms of battery performance, the device showcased commendable backup capabilities, ensuring a prolonged and uninterrupted usage.

Taking into account its features and performance, I am inclined to recommend this compact yet powerful audio device, as it offers excellent value within its price range. However, it is worth noting that the absence of a balanced adapter is the only drawback I encountered during my experience with the product.

Thank you for your review of the Shanling M0 Pro Hi-Res Digital Audio Player. We're glad to hear that you're pleased with your purchase and the performance of the device. We recommend that you invest in a quality balanced adapter to take full advantage of the device's excellent audio quality.

Chaitanya Rona (Hyderabad)
A small Dynamite for your offline music library

Seriously you have to consider this player for your offline music. The best tiny player with a dual chipset has a lot of power to deliver any IEM. My self using IE 900 & IE 200 along with 64 Audio Fourte. All my IEMS are very well sounding with M0 Pro. 

At this price point, dint expects this player sounds that great and even powerful but really thrilled once plugged in. I won't listen with a 3.5 jack plug. Personally purchased a 3.5 to 4.4 mm Balanced adapter which is from Shanling and recommended for M0 Pro. 

Let your offline tracks be of any quality the M0 will make them sound the best. I had my offline tracks for many years now. Some of the tracks are downloaded from various sites not been much quality but this player sounds the best. As per my observation, this player delivers a great listing experience with decent separation, mids, and lows. At the price point, it's a wonderful gem in a 15k Segment player. 

1. 100% Best DAP at this price point
2. Lots of power and musicality. 
3. with a 4.4 mm balanced adaptor you will see the real side of M0 Pro.
4. Decent power battery 
5. The quality of the player looks very good (won't look cheap ) 
6. The software also won't have much lag. ( Fine to operate )

1. Not included the 4.4 Balanced adaptor 
2. Separate purchase of a case 

Final Words: Recommend to everyone, If you are new to the audiophile journey and need some DAP for your offline tracks then this is the best to choose without any question. If you already have some flagship DAP and want to have something for traveling and when you move to some un-network areas where you felt like listing your favorite tracks then this should be in your pocket. 

Thanks for the Pritam always stands for best recommendations and suggestions for audiophiles. Love you all time. Thanks again:) 

Thank you for your detailed review.

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