SIMGOT DEW4X Balanced Portable DAC & AMP

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SIMGOT DEW4X Balanced Portable DAC & AMP

Unparalleled Audio Quality with Dual C43198 DAC Chips

Immerse yourself in a sonic realm like never before with the SIMGOT DEW4X and its dual C43198 DAC chips. With an impressive dynamic range of 130dB, this portable DAC & AMP delivers authentic, expressive music reproduction. Supporting high-definition audio up to 384kHz/32Bit PCM and DSD 256, it effortlessly decodes various sources while maintaining a pure and stable audio signal through advanced peripheral filtering circuits.

Exceptional Sound Clarity and Low Noise Design

Experience audio purity at its finest. The DEW4X achieves an astonishingly low noise level, boasting a signal-to-noise ratio of 130dB and an incredibly low distortion rate of just 0.0002% (@4.4mm BAL). The design ensures a soundscape as quiet as a curtain, presenting sound against a dark background for unparalleled clarity (1μVrms).

Sophisticated Build and Aesthetic Appeal

Crafted for perfection, the DEW4X features an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body. CNC precision machining ensures a sleek, contoured design, complemented by a black sandblasted and anodized surface for oxidation resistance. Laser engraving provides a textured finish, and the Type-C audio interface combines functionality with a striking aesthetic appeal.

High-Quality Connectivity and Versatility

Immerse yourself in a world of high-quality connectivity. The DEW4X's oxygen-free copper-wound shielding layer reduces interference, enhancing sound resolution and transparency. With a replaceable cable design for easy upgrades and compatibility with various devices, including standard Type-C to USB and an optional lightning interface for Apple devices, it's designed for versatility.

User-Friendly Features and Adaptive Control

Navigate effortlessly with exquisitely designed buttons for smooth operation and level switching. Supporting the UAC1.0 standard, this device offers compatibility with various devices. The 3.5mm SE stereo and 4.4mm BA output interfaces cater to a wide range of headphone plugs. Enjoy precise volume control with a non-linear progression, remembering settings even after power-off.

Instructions for Use

  1. Connect with ease using the included data cable to a mobile phone or other OTG decoding-enabled devices. Adjust the volume carefully for an optimal listening experience.
  2. Function Key Description: The volume level features a power-down memory function, and DEW4X's button volume adjustment is independently controlled from mobile phone volume.
  3. Switching Between UAC Mode and High/Low Gain Mode: Effortlessly switch modes by following simple steps, ensuring versatility in your audio experience.
  4. Matters Needing Attention: Avoid simultaneous use of 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone sockets for optimal performance.

DAC Chip: Dual C43198

Decoding specifications: PCM: 384kHz/32 bit

DSD: Dop 128/Native 256

Body material: Aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation black

Interchangeable Line Design: YES

Output Power:
3.5mm @32ohm - 70mW X 2
4.4mm @ 32ohm - 150mW X 2

Cable material: High-quality OFC-wrapped shielding layer

Connector: Type-c

Output plug: 3.5mm,4.4mm

Body: 41.7*24.2*12.0mm

Cable: 105mm

Weight: 24g

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:

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