SpinFit CP240 Double Flange Silicone Eartips

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  • Versatile bore size
  • Eartip core has an inner diameter of 4 mm
  • (or 3 mm when used with insert)
  • Best for people with larger ears
  • Triple flange isolation without the violating insertion feel
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SpinFit is a brand that is dedicated to providing premium quality ear tips for in-ear monitors (IEMs) and earphones. They specialize in designing and developing ear tips that offer superior comfort, noise isolation, and sound quality. SpinFit ear tips are made with high-quality silicone and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit all ear types. They are designed to fit securely in the ear canal and provide a comfortable fit for extended periods of listening. With SpinFit, you can enjoy your music with enhanced sound quality and comfort.

Customer Reviews

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Sameer Tangri (Mumbai)
Expensive but excellent!

A simple but effective setup for my current evenings- my trusty iphone, a Hidizs OTG adapter, the VE Abigail, and my current favorite the Ety ER2XR.
The Etymotic ER2XR: it is a brilliant IEM! Insane value for money. I'm hearing sounds I've never heard in my songs before. It's such a clean and balanced sound but fun at the same time which I guess is due to the XR (extended response)! Trust me, you gotta hear it to understand. Clear sound, analytical sound, flat sound, cohesive sound, non-sibilant sound, fatigue-free sound, engaging sound, fun sound, head-bobbing sound, body-moving sound! My definition of 'clean and fun sound' has changed after listening to this! This is a kind of clean that one should hear to understand.

Regd. the well-known or sometimes infamous Etymotic fit- fortunately, it was fine for me with the stock double-flange eartip (M size). But I got the SpinFit CP240 double-flange eartips (M size) anyways, and the fit has now become super comfortable. No issues whatsoever! Zero. Nada. In fact, the seal this ear tip and IEM combo gives is something I've never experienced before! This ER2XR + CP240 experience has changed me or even spoilt me in ways I never expected.
I also want to add that I am so impressed with SpinFit ear tips that I have them on all my 7 IEMs now - 64 Audio Trio, Thieaudio Monarch MKII, CA Solaris OG, Fiio FH3, Etymotic ER2XR, Tin Hifi T3+, and Final E3000. I firmly believe that this is a small investment with significant overall returns in terms of fit, comfort, sound quality, and listening pleasure.
While some of the other SpinFits I own have changed the sound signature for the better (e.g. W1, CP100+, CP100) the CP240 has not done much on the sound signature for me. But this CP240 has noticeably improved the fit and comfort with the Etymotic ER2XR; and for these alone, it's absolutely worth it!

shrikant k (Mumbai)
Length of knob

The length of the tip should have been bigger.

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