EarAudio Headphone Replacement Cable

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Color: Black
Audio Jack Termination: 2.5mm
Selling Price:
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Cable Material 99.98% Pure Oxygen Free Copper
No. of Cores 4
Connectors (Headphones Cup End) 3.5mm Gold-Plated
Connectors 4.4mm/ 2.5mm Balanced Gold Plated | 3.5mm Single-ended (L-Type)
Length 1.2m


Compatible with- 

HiFiMAN  HE400i


HiFiMAN Sundara

HiFiMAN Sundara Closed Back 

HiFiMAN Edition XS 

HiFiMAN Ananda 


HiFiMAN Arya 


HiFiMAN SUSVARA (3.5mm input version)

Note - This cable is not compatible with Deva, Deva Pro, HE-R9, Meze 99 Neo, and Meze 99 Classics. 

Warranty period: No

Discover EarAudio, the Nagpur-based brand known for its premium handmade upgrade cables for IEMs and headphones. Elevate your audio experience with our interconnection and adapter solutions for DACs and amplifiers. Shop now for high-quality cables that deliver exceptional sound quality and durability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Rajasekharan Vichattu (Thrissur)

Excellent quality and reasonable price , it's the best you can get at this price range.

Thank you for the kind words! We're glad to hear that our cable is of excellent quality and at a reasonable price.

Abhishek Verma (Bengaluru)
4.4 connector is plus but Sundara oem cable is better

Got these as alternatives to Sundara stock cable and the handling is much better compared to the stock cable. Works with Celestee too. Another plus is the option to go for 4.4 termination which was the reason behind getting this cable (BTR7 balanced out) in first place. But in terms of audio transmission, Sundara stock is definitely better than this. This cable made the sound a bit leaner sounding which was not to my liking. This will just do till I get the better ones.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the audio quality of the EarAudio replacement cable.

Aditij Dhamija (Bengaluru)
Works perfectly

Does what it is supposed to. Please do not ask how it changes the sound, balanced output only helps you get more power from a DAC/AMP that supports it. The alternatives were much more expensive and I find this one to be perfect. It's better than the stock cable that comes with Edition XS. If you have a source that can make use of a balanced cable, by all means go ahead and purchase one. The headphones that this cable supports scale well with extra power so it's a worthwhile investment.

Thanks for the feedback! We're glad to hear that this cable works perfectly and is a worthwhile investment.

SK (Bengaluru)
Worth it

I bought these to connect my Beyerdynamic Amiron to the ifi Gryphon using the 4.4 balanced input . These cables are well made and flexible . Sound quality is more open and clear . Recommended.

Thanks for the review!

Jai Patni (Mumbai)
Significantly better than the original Sundara cable

I bought this cable after my HiFiman Sundara headphone cable failed in one ear, it was sad how cheap the original cable was, but these are great, much more pliable, softer, and easier to work with while gaming or working.
I would say they were fully worth the cost and don't think they will fail any time soon, as I have been using them for a few months.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you're happy with the EarAudio replacement cable.

Excellent Cable worth for price

Excellent Cable worth for price

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're happy with the quality of the cable.

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