Shanling EH3 Desktop Streamer, DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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Shanling EH3: Elevating Your Audio Experience


Unleashing Performance, Embracing Simplicity

Introducing the Shanling EH3 Desktop DAC/AMP, a refined marvel in the world of desktop audio. Born from the triumphs of our EM5 Streamer, the EH3 caters to the demand for a streamlined device without compromising on performance and sophistication.

Unmatched Power and Versatility

With a robust capability of delivering up to 1.9W @ 32 Ohm // 205mW @ 300 Ohm in Single-Ended, and 5.3W @ 32 Ohm // 700mW @ 300 Ohm in Balanced mode, the EH3 stands as a powerhouse. For the most demanding headphones, the EM7 offers a touch more power, ensuring an immersive audio experience.

Precision Redefined in Power Supply

The EH3 boasts a dual power supply system meticulously partitioned between Analog and Digital sections. This thoughtful design minimizes interference between components, guaranteeing an unadulterated audio experience that redefines precision in audio delivery.

Advanced System Integration and Intuitive Controls

Powered by the Ingenic X2000 platform, EH3 shares a seamless system and control interface with the ET3 CD Transport. A central multifunctional wheel handles both volume control and menu navigation, complemented by dedicated playback and input buttons. Navigate effortlessly through the intuitive circular screen or use the Eddict Player app for remote control from smartphones and tablets. The EH3 also comes bundled with a convenient remote controller.

Seamless Connectivity, Unmatched Convenience

Enjoy wireless playback with Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi capabilities. The EH3 functions as a Bluetooth receiver, supporting LDAC, AAC, and SBC codecs. It seamlessly integrates into local Wi-Fi networks, serving as an Airplay 1 or DLNA endpoint. The rear panel offers a versatile array of inputs and outputs, including USB, Optical, Coaxial, and I2S HDMI for DAC use, along with RCA Analog inputs for pure amplifier functionality.

Expansive Headphone Outputs for Diverse Listening

The EH3 hosts an impressive array of 4 headphone outputs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of headphones. Single-ended outputs are available through both 3.5mm and 6.35mm jacks, while balanced output is facilitated through the 4.4mm jack and 4-pin XLR.

The Perfect Complement: EH3 and ET3

Designed as the perfect companion to our ET3 CD transport, the EH3 seamlessly connects via the high-quality I2S connection, utilizing the new L8 cable for the ultimate CD and MQA CD playback experience.

Dimensions: 23.8 X 18.8 X 5.9 cm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Screen: 1.6 IPS screen
USB Drive Supported Formats:
DSD, DXD, APE, FLAC, WAV, AIFF/AIF, DTS, MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, ALAC, MP2, M4A, AC3, OPUS, TAK, etc. CUE is supported.
Hi-Res Support: 32 bit / 768 kHz & DSD 512
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver
Bluetooth Codec Support: LDAC / aptX HD / aptX / AAC / SBC

[Headphone Outputs] 3.5mm/ 6.35mm / 4.4mm / XLR
[Digital Inputs] USB DAC / USB Drive / Coaxial / Optical / 12S
[Digital Output] USB Audio Out [Analog Outputs] XLR & RCA
[Analog Input] RCA

Single-Ended Headphone Output:
Output power
Low gain: 2.0V@320 (126mW@320) (THD+N<0.0034%)
Medium Gain: 4.1V@320 (537mW@320) (THD+N<0.0009%)
High Gain: 7.8V@320 (1900mW@320) (THD+N<0.002%)
High Gain: 7.8V@3000 (205mW@3002) (THD+N<0.002%)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (-0.5aB)
THD+N: 0.0005% @ 320 (A-Weight @ 2V High Gain)
Dynamic Range: 123dB @ 320 (A-Weight @ 2V High Gain)
Channel Separation: 73dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 123dB @320 (A-Weight High Gain)
Noise: 113B @320 (A-Weight Low Gain)
Output Impedance: 1 ohm

Balanced Headphone Output:
Output Power:
Low Gain: 4.0V@320 (500mW@320) (THD+N<0.0023%)
Mid Gain: 8.2V@320 (2100mW@320) (THD+N<0.0009%)
High Gain: 13V@320 (5300mW@320) (THD+N<0.02%)
High Gain: 14.5V@3000 (750mW@3000) (THD+N<0.003%)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (-0.5dB)
THD+N: 0.0006% @320 (A-Weight @ 4V high gain)
Dynamic Range: 125dB @320 (A-Weight @ 4V High Gain)
Channel Separation: 110dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 124dB @320 (A-Weight High Gain)
Noise: 110dB @320 (A-Weight Low Gain)
Output Impedance: 2 ohm

RCA Output:
Output Level: 2.15V
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (-0.5dB)
THD+N: 0.0005% (A-Weight 0.5V)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 118dB (A-Weight)
Noise: 111dB

XLR Outputs:
Output Level: 4.3V
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (-0.5dB)
THD+N: 0.0004% (A-Weight 1V)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 120dB (A-Weight)
Noise: 108dB

Warranty Period: 1 Year from the date of Invoice
Covered: Manufacturing Defects Only
Warranty Form:
Cable: 1-month warranty only for manufacturing defects only

Established in 1988, Shanling has been a pioneer in audio product development, launching their first Hi-Fi stereo amplifier that same year. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Shanling has acquired numerous patented technologies and qualifications, including SONY LDAC, Bluetooth BQB, and Hi-Res certification from the Japanese Audio Association, among others.

With over 30 years of experience, Shanling values integrity, teamwork, and dedication. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and we prioritize customer satisfaction and product quality above all else. Our headquarters in Shenzhen and factory in Dongguang enable us to seamlessly integrate research and development, production, and sales of a wide range of high-quality products, including Hi-Res portable music players, amplifiers, headphones, SACD/CD players, and power conditioners. We are proud of our strong partnerships with renowned international hi-end manufacturers and our stellar reputation in the industry.

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